1 week ago
3.7M 👀

I got INSIDE the Vault with it CLOSED!

Fresh photo 1 I got INSIDE the Vault... Fresh photo 2 I got INSIDE the Vault... Fresh photo 3 I got INSIDE the Vault... Fresh photo 4 I got INSIDE the Vault...

I love how they all just build but never hits fresh😂

by Anat Micallef 3 months ago

“Due to an issue we have removed boats”

by MasterJcobi 3 months ago

People see Midas in the vault*

Them: so he’s still alive and became a tik toker

by MemesTheDreams 6000 3 months ago

When he shot you and it went “DUN” I literally has a heart attack

by GraceRose x 3 months ago

I like how at every beginning of the vids he says “YES”. LOL!!

by Fun at Night 2 months ago

Video idea: social distancing, no shotgun kills, no smg kills, no close range kills at all. Like so fresh can see please

by Altoren 3 months ago

U know when he’s a gooood when he’s killing everyone with a green tac

by Yara Nabulsy 3 months ago

Everyone fresh show us the glitch

Fresh YES

by Jessica Ramos 3 months ago

Am I the only one who’s bothered that he didn’t take that legendary burst

by Melany Orellana 3 months ago

Imagine if fresh showed how to get in there he would have been banned and all of us would probably go in and do what fresh does

by ALEKA SHIN 2 months ago

Such a good vid Fresh 🔥

by Ghoulz 3 months ago

Ok I am a new comer and I have been laughing the whole vid AND it was HALARIOUS I'm definitely subbing! 😂🤣

by star_light moon 3 months ago

When he says "this is my vault" it reminds me of shrek saying "this is my swamp"

And go sub and like small amount of people reading this.

by Dylan Androyd 1 month ago

Fresh: “what’s up guys yes”
Me: “FRESH please do what’s up guys no”
Me: “every day you make a video those videos are “What’s up guys yes

by Springtrap 2 days ago

“Whats up guys yes”
-fresh 1267-2020

by R1p_FA 3 months ago

I like how he didn’t show it because “epic would get mad” but everyone has seen this glitch 2 months ago.

by Remington3426 3 months ago

The last guy scared me- I was on the toilet and when the sound affect came- I almost fell off bc I got scared ;-;

by •Søur x Dëvilz• 2 months ago

I like how nobody went to the vault until Fresh says " I've been waiting forever"

by Alonzo Toledo 2 months ago

Dude this glitch has been a thing since the beginning of the last season. HOW IS THIS NOT PATCHED

by Dat dude678 3 months ago

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