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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, staff to be furloughed for one week

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced he and his staff will be furloughed for a week. #FoxBusiness
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Why aren't New Yorkers growing a spine and permenantly furloughing DeBlasio???

by Shaigh S Josephson 1 week ago

Gotta idea, why doesn't he just leave office & that alone will not only save money but SAVE LIVES!!

by LT Kell 1 week ago

This proves he can't manage money, fire him

by Sunshine MM 1 week ago


by Isaiah Wilson 1 week ago

Furlough him forever...need a good Repub mayor for NYC to recover.

by Joyce Meadows 1 week ago

Hoepfully it becomes a permanent "furlough". Perhaps a Guantanamo Bay Furlough...

by ancient1 1 week ago

Too bad he's not furloughed into infinity.

by Laura Leigh 1 week ago

Even the people you paid for painting all the BLM murals, as you defunded everyone else?

by Ivan Fukinov 1 week ago

That should cover the 1.8billion his wife “lost”🙄

by Cyril 1 week ago

How much more could they save if they just get rid of him altogether

by jason lee 1 week ago

Pfft, just one week?! Will his wife's staff be furloughed????

by Cecilia Norris 1 week ago

It won’t hurt him he has already stole millions y back room deals ! Thief ....

by Noahshu 1 week ago

Make sure he furloughs his personal security as well.

by R B 1 week ago

Finally, getting paid what he's worth. Nothing.

by soylentdean 1 week ago

$860k savings Nice!! Now he’s only 21,999,140,000 over budget!!

by christ1313 1 week ago

Dildo Blasio is beyond redemption. If he wanted to salvage a single tattered thread of dignity he would apologize for his failures and step down.

by Ken Sharp 1 week ago

I'll bet his security detail won't be furloughed.

by petercallinicos 1 week ago

Only a week ??
Should be a year
I'd like to see Crazy Pelosi get the same

by keith g w 1 week ago

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