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Don Jr. slams Biden's lead in polls, takes dig at Hunter Biden | Part 1

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Trump organization EVP Donald Trump Jr. weighs in on the RNC convention in Jacksonville, 2020 election and mail-in ballots. 
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Fox Business photo 1 Don Jr. slams Biden's lead... Fox Business photo 2 Don Jr. slams Biden's lead... Fox Business photo 3 Don Jr. slams Biden's lead... Fox Business photo 4 Don Jr. slams Biden's lead...

Ex order for national security we must not have mail in ballots. That should do it

by Storage Mann 1 week ago


by Gia Carangi 1 week ago

Why do you even have this man on? He’s not part of the administration and actually works for Trumps company. He has no expertise on anything related to the campaign and is just related to the orange jerk.

by ClaraMBreen 1 week ago

Any body in there right mind knows that these polls lie all of them do !!!

by Karen Dilday 1 week ago

These arguments aren't even logical.

by Brian WNC 1 week ago

I am FOR the ARRESTS and I think that ANYONE in any GOVERNMENT like MAYOR'S and GOVENORS and THOSES changenors

by Robert Hamelinck 1 week ago

Remember the same polls saying Hillary has a 98% chance of winning...I’ve seen this movie before

by mayhem1974 1 week ago

"China will only stand up for China"
"America First!"

by Ben Wasilewski 1 week ago

Their keeping Biden in the basement! He’s a empty shell! National News today had article about Obama pushing for riots because it’s increasing Biden favorability! Even he know Biden has cognitive issues & Is not fit for presidency! We should all band Likes

by Kathy Smith 1 week ago

These people really just sit here and lie and pat themselves on the back on tv all day lmfao

by ish Fish 1 week ago

The Trump presidency has taught us that real power doesn't lie within government but in control of information.

by The Fox 1 week ago

How could someone has been in the basement for so many days and continue to lead the polls, it is a joke! It doesn't make sense. Period

by Rosy-Claire Tchokote 1 week ago

What's up with his eye's, I was expecting tears to start rolling down his cheeks at any moment.

by Peter Mohr 1 week ago

Most important thing the people can do in November vote IN PERSON.

by Jodie 1 week ago

Yes, take this mail ballot fraud attempt to the Supreme Court...FIGHT IT! It is one more attempt to steal the elections...The liberals have shown openly they are willing to go as far as it takes to steal the elections...FIGHT IT!!!

by Amparo Alvarez 1 week ago

This election is going to be the biggest landslide in history

by j 1 week ago

If we can wait in line at the grocery store during this pandemic, then we can wait in line for the election booth...

by Red General 1 week ago

I've voted for 43 years and I will not do any mail in voting

by Rhonda Hancock 1 week ago

I find it hilarious that a Joe Biden commercial will come on before the I can watch this video

by Maria Grasmick 1 week ago

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