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I got 100 FANS to scrim with ONLY PICKAXES for $100 in Fortnite... (funniest scrim ever)

#fortnite item shop #pickaxe #fortnite funny moments #scrim #Gaming
I got 100 FANS to scrim with ONLY PICKAXES for $100 in Fortnite... (funniest scrim ever)
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I got 100 FANS to scrim with ONLY PICKAXES for $100 in Fortnite... (funniest scrim ever) I hosted a scrim tournament only using pickaxes in Fortnite...

#scrim fortnite live #scrim pickaxe #pickaxe fortnite #fortnite #fortnite family friendly #fortnite pickaxe scrim #funny fortnite #fortnite funny #family friendly #formula

Formula photo 1 I got 100 FANS to... Formula photo 2 I got 100 FANS to... Formula photo 3 I got 100 FANS to... Formula photo 4 I got 100 FANS to...

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by Formula 1 month ago

Who else randomly started watching formula and now it’s just an every day thing

Wow 🤩 over 1k likes

by BMoney310 1 month ago

If I were in his game I’d be like: I’m doing a sky base

by More BLB 1 month ago

Just me or did anyone else come into the comments as soon as he said,”come get me daddy”? Or was that just me

by Pure Trixsta Live 1 month ago

why did he blur the kill feed (edit): nvm he blurred the name so they don’t get clout

by YT Dom 1 month ago

Only OG’s remember Russian voice trolling

by K Nandwana 1 month ago

“I’m trying to hide my shotgun”
Switches to shotgun 4 times

by Shiver 1 month ago

Randumb: Solos
Formula: Duos
Nicks: Squads

by T1mberzz 1 month ago

When form doesn’t have push to talk on... it must be awkward for disc 😂

by FaZa GoAt ! 1 month ago

“alright disc we gotta get som vEgGeIs, were can we get some fresh VeGgIeS, maybe at fReNzY fArM “ 😭

by niyah 1 month ago

Disc: “he beamed me” Formula: “Nice, Nice”

by Izyah Roy 1 month ago

Don’t lie who else is a FAN of Formula🌈"

“¡ᴍ sυввιηg тσ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏиᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs ₮ᴏ ᴍᴇ”🏡

by teqo 新 4 weeks ago

Form: picaxe only


by Spoogie360 1 month ago

Fav picaxe: ice breaker

Formula: this is probably gonna get griefed
Gets griefed
Also formula: bro you’re such a clout farmer

by clovir 1 month ago

Disc: he beamed me he’s griefing get in the choppa


Nobody at all:

Formula pick me up daddy

by Vision KilZ 1 month ago

“just because you bad at fortnite doesnt mean you have to greif formula” lmaoo

by LDNR 1 month ago

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