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I got 100 FANS to scrim at MYTHIC WEAPON locations for $100 in Fortnite... (most SHOCKING ending)

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I got 100 FANS to scrim at MYTHIC WEAPON locations for $100 in Fortnite... (most SHOCKING ending)
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I got 100 FANS to scrim at MYTHIC WEAPON locations for $100 in Fortnite... (most SHOCKING ending) I hosted a scrim tournament with 100 fans at mythic weapon locations for $100 in Fortnite...

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Formula photo 1 I got 100 FANS to... Formula photo 2 I got 100 FANS to... Formula photo 3 I got 100 FANS to... Formula photo 4 I got 100 FANS to...

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by Formula 1 month ago

My grandpa passed on June 11 and I canโ€™t stop crying about him I donโ€™t want anything but exactly 68 likes cause thatโ€™s how old he was when he passed. R.I.P GRANDPA
Edit: Thank you Everybody. For the people hating my family canโ€™t help me with this loss cause they lost him too, but to see everyone comment and send prayers really means the world to me. Also Iโ€™m super sorry for the people who never got to meet their grandpa it hurts a lot when they pass st first I wished I never met him but then I realized all the memories. Also if you donโ€™t believe this I get that a lot people always say that but why would I lie I want to se my grandpa some day again.Thanks to the 10 people that subbed! Love you all! For the people who told me to make a vid I made a short one just for u guys

by ReveNGeNick 1 month ago

โ€œI got 50 renegade raiders and 50 recon experts to scrim for $100โ€ Like so he sees

by Hudson Vowell 1 month ago

I love the end when formula is like โ€œsee you next time, dasadanya

by TJ's World 1 month ago

Did you know you canโ€™t smile and breathe at the same time?

Just kidding, I just wanted you to smile :)

by Ph Shahh 1 month ago

As soon as he said good luck I liked and the guy I was spectating got a legendary tac out of a chest lol

by Gaming _ Chef 1 month ago

Did you hear him say โ€œHe grappled up to hight with the impulse launcherโ€ those are 2 different things bud

by Jacob Wintermute 1 month ago

He said what is my ping , heโ€™s in like 12 ping ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

by Oscar Haley 1 month ago

"He just grappled up with the grenade launcher"- Formula 2020๐Ÿ˜‚

by Demi Thegamer 1 month ago

When formula dies

No one:

Literally no one:

Formula: dude my ping is so bad bro!!!!

by Nathan Laudenslager 1 month ago

i love how when u speak 2 the winner disk jused sits there going along with the conversation

by Alfie Longman 1 month ago

Qt clapa really Said โ€œSIKEEEโ€

by cdf 1 month ago

Formula: I am so good! Formula 2 seconds later: I got no scoped!!!

by PDG Chillari3 1 month ago

The thumbnail: everyone lands at mythic places!?
Everyone: Well yes that is literally the video

by Luke Oldman 1 month ago

Formula : wHaT iS mY pInG

Me: I play on that everyday every game

by XD Fishhyy 1 month ago

No one:

Literally no one:

Formula: THiS iS ThE LUcKy tOMaTo He JuST gAvE YoU bAd LuCk

by Logan Gamings 1 month ago

You guys killed my wife Jules I'm leaving

by Fade 1 month ago

Formula: Dude what is my ping. Him having 40 ping me over here 267 ping my ping is so good

Edit: dude this is many likes holyy

by Gamer Nareem 1 month ago

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