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⚠️ King Von Shooting Witness Reveals The Truth ⚠️

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I spoke to a man who has a ton of new information on the King Von death.
Here is some backstory: I was there to film this video: https://youtu.be/9wxJDWT842A (recommend you watch it next) and saw him standing there in front. He introduced himself and after we talked for a bit he agreed to be in the video. I would have given him more money but I was not expecting to interview anyone and that was all I had in my pocket. He is an awesome dude though so if you see him in downtown atl he deserves anything you want to donate.
I put as much effort/time into my videos as it takes but YouTube does not allow my channel to be monetized because I cover situations like this.
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Flex Weight photo 1 ⚠️ King Von Shooting Witness... Flex Weight photo 2 ⚠️ King Von Shooting Witness... Flex Weight photo 3 ⚠️ King Von Shooting Witness... Flex Weight photo 4 ⚠️ King Von Shooting Witness...

A few things to clear up:

1. I gave him 100% of the money in my wallet. I wish it was more but that is what I had. If you see him downtown and want to donate to him please do.

2. My channel is not monetized so I am not making any money off of this video. The reason why is because I make edgy content and YouTube does not allow that to make money anymore.

3. Yes, I could tell he is homeless and was asking where he stayed. I said it that way because I did not want to be disrespectful in case he was not homeless.

4. I did in-fact look through the crime scene to see if I could find bullet holes. The video is really interesting. I also ended up finding paper towels with red on them which freaked me out a bit but here is that full video:

100% worth watching.

by Flex Weight 2 months ago

A poor guy who watched a rich guy throw it all away. The irony is crazy.
God bless them all.

by Tito Sullivan 2 months ago

The man that’s talking seem like a cool person i hope he gets a blessing 💯💯💪🏾

by Christopher Wilson 2 months ago

America.... give this homeless man shelter 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

by Blue Flames 2 months ago

The homeless man in the vid was so genuine..two sad stories at one time...r.i.p. Kv and god bless the homeless man.

by Talbray Floyd 2 months ago

The way King Von went out should be a life lesson learned for all our people
It’s the white man they say I should fear but it’s my own kind doing all the killin here

by Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties 2 months ago

Literally 99% of you won’t see this but if you do, God Bless You , Stay Safe And Have a Wonderful Day 💕

by QDE 2 months ago

You can tell this man has a great soul lets start a go fund me for him

by Middle Man 2 months ago

God, please bless this man in this video. He is so intelligent and whatever he desires please grant it to him and his heart

by L L 2 months ago

JESUS SAVES but the devil comes to steal kill and destroy

by JESUS IS KING 2 months ago

Everyone including myself was only thinking about king Von but dont forget the two soldiers who lost their lives defending him as well. Dont get more realer than that.

by GingerBread Man 2 months ago

To the filmier who did this video, go back and find this homeless man and help him set up a legit go fundme page with all proceeds going fully and directly to this homeless man himself. I am willing to donate to help this man get on his feet. Seeing his personality despite his plight was nearly as sad as King Von. RIP King Von

by Karen Smith 2 months ago

This is sad seeing our black man being killed by one another.

by JKH K 2 months ago

He sounds so young but looks so old... Looks like hard living. Hope he stays safe

by xcaluhbration 2 months ago

Everybody drop a ✊ for MUWOP standing tall

by Grim Reaper 2 months ago

Homeless ppl are the coolest blessings to him and Von family 🙏🏾

by Pree 2 months ago

I hope this homeless man gets a nice cut or huge blessing for sharing.

by Beautiful Ty 2 months ago

Crazy to see his blood still on the floor like that

by Meth Bane Jr. 2 months ago

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