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When Roblox noobs try to rap... *embarrassing*

#Roblox funny #Family #Albert #no swearing #Gaming
today I go back to the Roblox rap battles game where people rap about having BIG ROBUX and how other people have NO ROBUX. These are the best lyrics anyone has ever written.

#Roblox rap battle #friendly #Roblox #no cursing #Roblox troll #Roblox funny moments #Flamingo #Roblox roleplay

Flamingo photo 1 When Roblox noobs try to... Flamingo photo 2 When Roblox noobs try to... Flamingo photo 3 When Roblox noobs try to... Flamingo photo 4 When Roblox noobs try to...

The one rapper eminem was afraid to diss

by Justin Y. 1 year ago

Lets be honest, we all love Albert.

by Mrusername 2 months ago

Max: Says how are you in arabic
Albert: โ€œMax is really going off!โ€

by IHateGettingTermed 1 month ago

Me: beats my little brother 50 times at a game
He beats me once
Little brother:

by Vecty Hydro 3 months ago

had me laughing so hard lmaooo

by Loise Soila 4 months ago

Iโ€™m trying to find the one where he says โ€œbob burnhum, nascar driverโ€

by Steel Nation Highlights 2 months ago

he said "how are you" in arabic

by TempShot 1 month ago

"no avatar"

Hi guys Fire Lord Ozai here and today ill be playing Ro-

by Arianne Shin 2 months ago

the real mental breakdown starts and there go my speakers

by Michelle Kotze 3 months ago

Can we all appreciate that that spaceraider got kicked across the room in the background?

by Slightly High 1 year ago

i am coming from another vid and i am here to say: โ€œWRAP SAY HIS SMACKโ€

by A RANDOM POTATO 3 months ago

2016:smells ah such a good day
2020:pls stop make it stop KILL ME PLS!๐Ÿ˜ญ

by ttv 2 months ago

when albert earraped me with the yes max said had me crying XD

by Elielp700 3 months ago

who else GAT a skin?

by smh 1 year ago

I laughed so hard the water I was drinking came out of my nose

by EXTINCTED GAMING 2 months ago

When eminem watched this video he was shaking in his boots

by turtle toes lV 1 month ago

When you realize flamingos acc hackec by T-Series Lol

by EK YT Official 2 months ago

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