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We ruined Roblox pizza place

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Today Temprist and I play Roblox work at a pizza place

#roblox funny

Flamingo photo 1 We ruined Roblox pizza place Flamingo photo 2 We ruined Roblox pizza place Flamingo photo 3 We ruined Roblox pizza place Flamingo photo 4 We ruined Roblox pizza place

just imagine Albert being your roommate, you open the door of his room and see him dancing like that

by Donald Webb 3 weeks ago

Albert: Stupid noobs can't spell
Also Albert: I had an Aciccent

by Malia Shuler 5 days ago

2019: sunscreen eater
2020: snowball eater
Me: since when?

by Blair McLaughlin 1 week ago

"albert putting a person in the oven"

"Hmm, saugage or pepperoni?"

by Funtime Bonnie 1 week ago

Side effects may include-
coughing, broken bones, vomiting, sneezing, and death

People in commercials:

(Holy H E C K how did I get 577 likes lol thanks :D )

by Just a random Person 3 weeks ago

When life gives you lemons:
Albert: squeezes the lemon juice into noobs eyes

by Wolpion 2 weeks ago

just imagine being alberts friend and then coming into his room to tell him to play roblox with you and then you see him dancing like that

by lullaby tehe 1 week ago

Hackers: aren’t allowed
Albert and temprist: break the game and are allowed

by SauceK :DDD 2 weeks ago

Legends still say that man that got stuck to the oven, is still stuck on the oven.

by HM JJ 1 week ago

Idea: get some of your fans and random ppl and have a contest to see how many of your fans can get random ppl in the ovens in pizza place

by Joseph Clark 5 days ago

girl: exists
albert: sssinperwolf
the youtuber sssniperwolf: ThAtS IlLeGaL
only ppl who like their fav french utuber will understand

edit: likes own comment

by Ruby _playsroblox 1 day ago

As his girlfriend friend died, ironically he laughed first before he cried.

by Medium rare, Steak 2 days ago

“if you equip this snowball in this game, you can just end someone’s life”

Me after crafting a sword made of strong snow: kill: 1337

by cønstrütør Røbløx 2 weeks ago

I hate when I accidentally drive my car into the restaurant.

by A F 2 weeks ago

My friend drove a car inside the kitchen and he was playing meme music- it was weirdly funny... ;-;

by Z Rich 1 week ago

I doubt anyone will make this they're discord, youtube, twitter, or instagram's profile picture. (do it.)

by Senitech 1 week ago

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