1 month ago
3.4M ๐Ÿ‘€

We raided Roblox with over 200,000 people...

#Family #friendly #Gaming
yo merch comes out this month
Thank you for coming to the junkbot raid, let's do some more huge ones in the future. Again, to Roblox this was not intended to mess up the event at all I only expected like 20k people to come LOL

Flamingo photo 1 We raided Roblox with over... Flamingo photo 2 We raided Roblox with over... Flamingo photo 3 We raided Roblox with over... Flamingo photo 4 We raided Roblox with over...

albert singlehandedly undermined the roblox event

by Laughability 2 months ago

as someone who was in the raid, i can gladly say i enjoyed this more then the concert

by Icy 2 weeks ago

When you have to make a choice:
Lil nas X or junkbot party...

by TipsFromFab 1 month ago

โ€œwhy is it called a building if itโ€™s already built?โ€
Me: he is a legend :O

by Molly Lancaster 1 month ago

Iโ€™m so pissed off at how I missed the raid, a raid like this will never happen again.

by Super BrownSheep 1 month ago

Non-junkbots: *exist
Junkbots and Albert: D I E

by Phantom-One 1 month ago

Albert: Thinking heโ€™s going to get 15k people

But he has 6million people in his group and 8 million subs.

by B_Bandxz Official. 23 hours ago

Imagine if spongebob survived the raid "yes he survived"

by Tommaso Causo 3 weeks ago

The people who were trolling as a bacon: NO

by Smile 1 week ago

"im so happy my friends are joining"
me: didnt you say you did not have friends??

by DAT Fox Girl 3 days ago

History says there are still junkbots lurking till this day...

by Mellanie Monroe 1 week ago

Now I know why I lagged at the lil nas x event...

by Darth VibeZ 1 week ago

Makes me wonder who is behind these annoying spam bots.

by ToxicJim 2 months ago

Albert: I expected 15 to 20 thousand people
Also Albert: tells everyone on his YouTube with almost 8mil subscribers

by Material Man 1 month ago

I remember the raid, and actually participated in it lol, I remember somebody saying at loud โ€œcringy flamingo fansโ€ until he died or left-

by AlmostDoggy ;-; 2 weeks ago

i love the tags, "family" & "friendly" lol

by Zaid 2 weeks ago

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