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We became leaders of a Roblox army

#Flamigo #flamgo #flamenco #Roblox flamingo #Gaming
sub to kaden: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqzDGKtN9dw7YlVrsWnz-rA
Today I play random army roleplay games with Kaden and we become high ranking officers

#Roblox funny #Flamingo #ROBLOX

Flamingo photo 1 We became leaders of a... Flamingo photo 2 We became leaders of a... Flamingo photo 3 We became leaders of a... Flamingo photo 4 We became leaders of a...

can we just appreciate the fact that this man never fakes a single thing about his videos, and he makes people laugh all the time?

by Euphoria 2 months ago

LOL I freaked out a bit when I heard “BTS ARMY” 😂

by Peking Duck 2 months ago

Kaden: Oh wow..Look at my shirt dude, What do you think?
Albert: BTS ARMY ASJAJJ, I even didn't see that

Army here 💜👌

by Tete- Chan 2 months ago

Idea: I know you where thinking about this and you should create a military to raid others. I have a good name too, F.A.T. (Flamingo Armed Territories) if you are reading this lord Albert I ask for nothing but you to continue on. Edit: wow this blew up thank you busters! Edit2: I remember the title made me think it was him doing an idea like this so I was kinda disappointed

by Gerugo 2 months ago

admin idea: “infect” someone and start an apocalypse

by Kristen Chiaro 2 months ago

When I heard "BTS ARMYs, they're gonna get so mad at you for that" I was like really surprise lmao 😂

by ʚ천사 ˊˎ - 2 months ago

Kaden: * wears BTS ARMY shirt*
Me: there's nothing left but to stan him🤷🏻‍♀️

by Rafail Maria 2 months ago

i can’t be the only one that loves when albert plays with his friends

by Lilac 2.0 2 months ago

dont you think that 90 percent of flamingos viewers are actually smarter then most of robloxs population??? big brain

by Mako 2 months ago

Idea: In “Life in Paradise” Take peoples arms/legs and turn those in to a RUG (or something else) and sell it

by Azra Basak 2 months ago

Albert: STOP

My mum: hears what the freaking heck are you watching

Me: … a 23 year old man screaming

Mum:ok lemme watch

Me: lmao

by Harvey Brunskill 2 months ago

That’s funny because that same game tried to get MY ACCOUNT INFO

by ModernKramer 123 2 months ago


*me, hysterically laughing at a grown man committing virtual genocide in a children’s game*

by • Beghel Alpha Plus • 2 months ago

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