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This Roblox group got really mad at our trolling...

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thanks kaden for playing with me lol
I actually like this game a lot it's just extremely pay 2 win if they had a less expensive version I would say to go play it. Kaden and I join forces and try to make it across the new land in Roblox and start new lives.

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Flamingo photo 1 This Roblox group got really... Flamingo photo 2 This Roblox group got really... Flamingo photo 3 This Roblox group got really... Flamingo photo 4 This Roblox group got really...

"My spit is really sticky from all these energy drinks"
- Albert 2019

by crumbcat 1 year ago

The guy that said welcome to chillys is now in handcuffs

by way2go. jerry 1 year ago

someone: โ€œnice day weโ€™re havingโ€
albert: shoots him in head multiple times

by Owen T. 9 months ago

Gets a rate a review saying: What do you think of this video, Excellent it is very excellent

by Sophia Gonzalez 5 months ago

Man Albert is the best when he rages


by Kelia Bolton 1 year ago

I broke my finger when the notification popped up

by Viper Blake 1 year ago

Guy with purple shield: โ€œstopโ€
proceeds to spawn kill Albert

by RockBlockPlayer 4 months ago

Guy: stop

Also guy: spawn kills Albert and kaden

by Sinister 9 months ago

Hmm, u said "he keeps on looking at me" if u said that calmly it would have look liked he had a crush on you

And it sounded like that a bit. ._.

by xQuacks 1 year ago

"he Clearly said BEEP" So now we know that he he voted for "BEEP"

by Xsyphet 1 year ago

that was me CHILLIN

by MemeSeal 9 months ago

Albert: I found a box of guns!
Caden: ok! Letโ€™s open it!

by Milana Hunt 1 year ago

i just realized that, that map is rp_downtown from garry's mod

by Catdude23 7 months ago

What if: The new Energy Drink called.. Albert Spit

by Antwoine Lofton 3 months ago

Energy drinks?

Is Flamingo sponsored by G Fuel?

by Sydney 1 year ago

*Realizes that the map they played on was a copy of a gmod darkrp map*
Wait, thats illegal!

by gh_3_2 1 year ago

Sounds like a dead car battery when trying to start your car-

by Jschlatt's bitch 5 months ago

Albee: i wanna kill them and say noob Iโ€™ll feel better and leave the game goes outside AAAAAAAAAAAAAaAAAAA bad idea

by Junior Khiev 1 day ago

"I don't think you're supposed to kill somebody"

by Teabag 1 year ago

*yells into clouds*

by Zain 1 year ago

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