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They thought I was a Roblox hacker so they didn't vote for me...

#flamingo #roblox challenge #roblox survivor #roblox #Gaming
shoutout everyone in this vid they were fun to play with. Today I play Roblox Outlaster which is an upgraded version of their old Survivor game.
Play here! https://www.roblox.com/games/5343994291/JUNGLE-Outlaster

#roblox funny #roblox outlaster #flamingo funny

Flamingo photo 1 They thought I was a... Flamingo photo 2 They thought I was a... Flamingo photo 3 They thought I was a... Flamingo photo 4 They thought I was a...

Cool, my name is in Flamingoโ€™s thumbnail lol.

by ToxicJim 3 weeks ago

Albert: โ€œ This isnโ€™t that sharp โ€œ

Literally five seconds later

*Cuts hand open *

by Atticus Paine 1 week ago

As soon as Jack knew his fate, he accepted it.
"Geart" was the last word he said, he called it out as he was dragged into the water, never to be seen again.

by bettafish541 2 weeks ago

"beasty won"

Me when I see beasty:
Leave the game or no breathe.

by Marcus Cat 1 week ago

they basically went against flamingo
flaimigo shouldve won tho

by Shri_Fl0ws 1 week ago

โ€œgeartโ€ -jack. This is the most inspiring quote of ever

by Blitz_Wolf 2 weeks ago

Albert: Its feeding time!
spits into the air
Albert: I'm sorry for that lol

by Butter cup 2 weeks ago

I couldnt get it to work so I just went back to using - opcodes . top

by Jo Ja 1 week ago

Admin idea: make a portal that people will walk into which leads them to a copy of the map but change a few parts to red. Make another portal in a different area of the copied map leading you to an even weirder map and repeat the process until the world is completely distorted. Once the player is there, tell them โ€œThere is no escape.โ€ And then put them through endless torture.

Like so Albert can see

by Energized Fanta 3 weeks ago

I was eating when he did the "feeding celebration"

by Diane Basilin 2 days ago

Sad face my real name is "Chris" lol.

by C4izy 2 weeks ago

Albert: Jack deserves to die
Jack two seconds later: GEART

by Trenton Meunier 1 day ago

get your "here before a million views ticket" here

by Blue Cheese 3 weeks ago

Shoehorn โ€œVOTE CHRISโ€
Yea I saw Chris vent*

by Hope-Ann Frayne 1 week ago

Everyone: playing roblox
Google this: never gonna give you up

by Kyle Scorzo 2 weeks ago

Imagine if beasty and ozzy watch this vid realizing that he wasent hacking ;-;

by axh54435 1 week ago

Imagine not hacking, winning most challenges, and making it to the end of outlaster, and not winning
Thats what Albert went through

by Upcast Beet 2 weeks ago

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