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They think we can’t online date in Roblox?? Just try to stop us

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Sub to kaden or ur an idiot https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCqzDGKtN9dw7YlVrsWnz-rA
Today I play liberty county with kaden Fumblebottom from the kaden Fumblebottom youuun channel

Flamingo photo 1 They think we can’t online... Flamingo photo 2 They think we can’t online... Flamingo photo 3 They think we can’t online... Flamingo photo 4 They think we can’t online...

Roblox: No online dating >:(
My 10 roblox gf's: sorry I don't speak single

by MVPerry 4 months ago

I like how flamingo’s videos start randomly with no intro

by Dxkuspocky 3 months ago

Kaden's dad is just finding the right milk for him, the perfect one thats why it takes so long.

by Forgetable Life 2 months ago

The way kadens voice went like that when he thought he actually had covid, 🥺

by Grrt H 3 months ago

2017: stop online dating
2018: stop online dating
2019: stop online dating
2020: I’m bored let’s online date!

by NewbV2 4 months ago

I like the way every rp players get a heart attack when someone use CAPS

by jakeplays roblox 2 months ago

Albert: where are they?
Guy: dead on the floor still

by MB11_yt 3 weeks ago

I love how he was talking about admins and banning when there are no admins in servers and you can’t get banned for that stuff lmao

by • zee • 2 months ago

Albert and Kaden: murdering innocent people for 10 minutes
Kaden: “we should go over the speed limit”
Albert: “no thats too far”

by ok 4 months ago

GTA 6: couple's edition: Official sneak peak

by Mayo’s Stash 4 months ago

You litteraly made my whole day,i was crying so badly then i watched your videos now im non stop laughing! :P

by Roblox xRemi 4 months ago

Kaden: I got this.
Also Kaden: She farted in there.
Me: * applause 👏

by Payton Harmon 3 months ago

Why is no one laughing by i can swing my Sword Sword my Diamond sword

by anddy masri 3 months ago

You should do an among us vid with Kaden, Temprist, Kirsten, Adam, Paige, Jake, and Znac. That would be cool.

Edit: he did it, kinda, not with the same people

by Jeremo 947 4 months ago

Normal People: Let us know.
Flamingo Fans: Lettuce? No.

by Matthew Schlanser 4 months ago

Speaking of going in the river actually got knocked into the river and I had the entire server surrounding me making sure I was alive in Roblox but I was standing up in perfectly fine 😂

by Athena Playz 2 months ago

Kaden is so wholesome he sounded like he was genuinely so worried for Albert when he said he had a fever-

by Goldenheart 2 months ago

albert: You got a lot of junk in your trunk
my dirty minded brain: hehe funny..

by Tosia Trojanwoska 2 months ago

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