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There's a Roblox imposter...

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So today I play a game that's like Among Us... EXCEPT DIFFERENT!! Flicker!!
play flicker: https://www.roblox.com/games/1324061305

Flamingo photo 1 There's a Roblox imposter... Flamingo photo 2 There's a Roblox imposter... Flamingo photo 3 There's a Roblox imposter... Flamingo photo 4 There's a Roblox imposter...

So basically life lesson for this. If you have one friend you win the game

by Bacon Man 1 month ago

"Wait, its NOT an among us reference?"
"Never has been."

by TurnsHaveTabled 1 month ago

Flicker: Jo-
Albert: DIO
Flicker: I didn’t fini-
Albert: when I say DIO it’s DIO

by catalina berrios 1 month ago

"Jojo died of mysterious circumstances"
Albert: DIO

by ツomatsu 1 month ago

“DIO?” hoho, it seems he is getting closer to the truth

by PaleBlueTARDIS 1 month ago

Albert, I think by “ticks” he means Tourette’s-

by froggywimp 4 weeks ago

The dude who said he had tics, he means he has a disease called Tourette syndrome and basically with Tourette's you make movements and sounds you can't control and they call them tics

by x_n.atalie _x 1 month ago

Flamingo : "Im the man who is bad."
Me : Good Job Albert. Good Job.

by Melly Art 1 month ago

mysterious circumstances means that they got kicked from the game or left game your welcome albert-

by Izzy_sofi 1 month ago

This is basically Among Us but the developers don’t care how scared the 6 year olds get from the death animations.

by MonkE 1 month ago

"Mysterious Circumstances"

Otherwise known as

L e f t

by Anti-Aim 1 month ago

When that person said they were having tics, they meant they have Tourette’s syndrome which makes you have tics. If you still don’t understand you should look it up.

by Cloudy_ Baby 1 month ago

Info: If they die from “mysterious circumstances” , that means that they left the server, I believe

by LowkeyKindaB0reed 4 weeks ago

"JoJo died of mysterious circumstances"
DIO: Oh you're approaching me? Instead of running away you come closer for proof that I killed Jonathan.
Jotaro: I can't interrogate you without getting closer.
DIO: Ho Ho, Then come as close as you like.

by Shulk The Fluffy Husky 1 month ago

“Jojo died from mysterious circumstances”

Albert: DIO
I see the jojo references rising every video👀

by aminiboeck 1 month ago

"You only need 1 friend to win."

My cousins, my siblings, my best friend, my online best friend:

by Techno Starz 1 month ago

Albert: I really want to play A roblox Among us.
Roblox: Makes “The Impostor”

by Angel • 1 month ago

Someone:I’m having tics
Albert: like the bug?goes on to tell a story about bugs

by Téa Berry 3 weeks ago

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