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The Albert / Flamingo Q&A !!

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Flamingo photo 1 The Albert / Flamingo Q&A... Flamingo photo 2 The Albert / Flamingo Q&A... Flamingo photo 3 The Albert / Flamingo Q&A... Flamingo photo 4 The Albert / Flamingo Q&A...

I did not a good job at all but I wanna was the day I wanna was a good day I wanna was a good day I wanna was a good day I wanna

by Speedy 2 months ago

Q: How did you meet Kirsten the love of your life

Albert: M C D O N A L D S

by owen 1 week ago

Albert talks about Anime for 0.00000001 seconds

Weebs: “Allow ourselves to introduce ourselves”

by owen 2 weeks ago

"Biggest motivation to keep doing youtube"


by Ethan Alspach 2 weeks ago

I was NOT expecting him to listen to clairo-

by The_Lovely _ 2 weeks ago

Albert Here is some animes i recommend you to watch.
- Hunter x Hunter
- Steins;Gate
- Tokyo Ghoul
- Yu Yu Hakusho (watch the dub its rly good)
- Mob Psycho 100
- Code Geass
- Parasyte
- Demon Slayer
- Noragami
- Danganronpa
- My Hero Academia
- Future Diary/Mirai Nikki
- Re:Zero
- Your Name
- Gurren Lagann
- Dr. Stone
- Fire Force
- Death Note
- Haikyu!!
- A Silent Voice
- Charlotte
- Konosuba
- One Punch Man
- Erased
- Fate
- Kakegurui
- Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai
- Darling in the Franxx
- Rent-A-Girlfriend
- Your Lie in April
- No Game No Life
- Kill la Kill
- Toradora
- Love is War
- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
- Kuroko's Basketball
- The Promised Neverland
- The God of Highschool
- Bleach
- One Piece
- Black Clover
- Monogatari series
- Grand Blue
- Angel Beats
- Black Butler
- Anohana
- Violet Evergarden
- High School DxD
- Death Parade
- Cowboy Bebop (watch in dub)
- Neon Genesis Evangelion
- Magi
- Elfen Lied
- Date A Live
- Akame ga Kill
- Maid-Sama
- Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions
- Food Wars
- Sword Art Online
- Fairy Tail
- The Seven Deadly Sins
- Soul Eater
- Inuyasha
- Blue Exorcist
- Detective Conan
-The Devil Is in a Part Timer!
- The Disastrous Life of Saiki K
- Assassination Classroom
- A Whisker Away
- Weathering With You
- Love Is Hard for Otaku
- Gintama
- Rurouni Kenshin
- Samurai Champloo
- Eromanga Sensei
- Domestic Girlfriend
- Inuyashiki
- Another
- Blood-C
- Corpse Party
- Free
- Devilman Crybaby
- Yuri on Ice
- Orange
- Banana Fish
- Psycho Pass
- Durarara
- Dororo
- Shiki
- Servamp
- Overlord
- The Rising of the Shield Hero
- That time I got Reincarnated as a Slime
- Sailor Moon
- tower of God
- the Misfit of Demon king Academy
- Shimoneta
- Cautious Hero
- Hensuki
- The Quintessential quintuplets
- Afro Samurai
- Astra Lost in Space
- Saga of Tanya the Evil
- Monster Musume
- Made in Abyss
- blood Blockade Battlefront
- Baki
- the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
- Hajime no Ippo
- Slam Dunk
- Berserk
- School Days
- Monster
- Deadman Wonderland
- Hyouka
- Nisekoi
- Clannad
- Plastic Memories
- Fireworks
- 5 cm per second
- Highschool of the Dead
- Classroom of the elite
- my Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu
- Dagashi Kashi
- Rage of Bahamut
- Kokoro Connect
- White Album 2
- Girls und Panzer
- Love Live
- Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun
- Angels of Death
- Fist of the North Star
- Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
- Vinland saga
- Arifureta
- Toilet bound Hanako kun

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by SuperDiamond 2 months ago

"opinions on levi ackerman"
"very hot"
whomst has awaken the ancient one

by クラピカ 1 week ago

Albert: mentions levi
Me: so u have summoned me

by softiee 牛乳 2 weeks ago

Flamingo:Opinion of Levi……hot

Us weebs:mAkE wAy fOr uS

by Faith Hope 1 week ago

i can’t believe he still has the same microphone, i remember when he used to complain about it

by NørmaleXsempre 3 weeks ago

Watch Hunter x Hunter it's an amazing anime
Also you ain't boring when doing these vids, I think they're interesting and fun to watch, we like getting to know more about you!!

by SonaDrawzStuffYT 2 months ago


by ReaLity- Roblox 2 weeks ago

Q: what does your office look like?

Albert: G R A S S

by Clayton Collier 2 days ago

Albert: “I feel like q and a’s are boring” Me: NOTHING IS BORING WHEN IM WATCHING ALBERT

by Valerie Sosa 2 weeks ago

‘I love it when uhh......people make stuff for me, like with their hands’

I have no words

by Viredex 23 hours ago

Me: Doesn't take care of hair properly and bleaches hair then shaves it For I've learned my lesson.

by • Himiko Toga • 1 week ago

I dunno why I laughed The whole video Even I got scolded For Laughing And giving heart attacks to my mom

by Itz_Fruityduty Alexia 2 weeks ago

“I like when people make me things..like with their hands”

by Trinity 1 week ago

Me when I hear he's doing vlogs: . . NOW I CAN'T SEE MY IDOL SUFFER AND RAGE AND AHHHH

by queen ducky 1 week ago

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