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#Roblox zombie stories #ROBLOX #Roblox albert #flamingo #Gaming
PLAY: https://www.roblox.com/games/2984072291/Zombie-Stories
sub to kaden: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqzDGKtN9dw7YlVrsWnz-rA
Today Kaden and I play Zombie Stories which is a Roblox game about zombie's and their stories and they are zombies who write stories and they're zombies who tell stories and stories and stories and pants

#Roblox flamingo

Flamingo photo 1 ROBLOX ZOMBIE STORY Flamingo photo 2 ROBLOX ZOMBIE STORY Flamingo photo 3 ROBLOX ZOMBIE STORY Flamingo photo 4 ROBLOX ZOMBIE STORY


by Flamingo 3 months ago


absolutely nobody:

albert: “i wanna be 40 and living in my dad’s basement just playing video games.”

by b00luna 3 months ago

albert says fam instead of farm on accident
paige: puts in ace family while editing

by cartoon gregg 1 month ago

Me when I’m watching this on computer:
Hurts, man.

by Bean man 2 months ago

a friend of mine on roblox: "flamingo isn't funny he's just immature and annoying smh"

me: "...."

me also: *cutely presses the unfriend button*

edit: people this comment is a joke stop going like "not nice idiot" "gr so mean" ITS A JOKE CHILL-

by Ericka Hughes 3 months ago

Only people that were under 5 minutes early will remember the title “kaden zombies”

Thank so much for the likes lol didn’t expect this much

by Lucas Hill 3 months ago

Idea for paradise life: put a teleport pad on a bed so that whenever some tries to sleep they get taken to a dream area with clouds and unicorn then slowly make it the worst nightmare they will ever have. Like so Albert can see
Copy and paste this so Albert can see credit:
Domenico Florentino

by Semon dahal 3 months ago

Albert : kiss of death

by Rhmona Bereketoglu 3 months ago

"Woman only like me because I'm a robux user."
-Flamingo 2020

by Jotaro Kujo 3 months ago

“are you sure it’s safe?” “no.” lol that’s pretty much my life

by b00luna 3 months ago

Albert: Kiss all of these 23 studs
Me: Searches up meaning of Studs
Also Me: Hmmm... HMMMMM..... HMmMmMmmmmmMMmmmmmmMm, oh no
Edit: There is multiple meanings for it.
Another Edit: I know what studs actually were, and i know what flamingo was talking about, i didnt mean to seem dumb for all the pea brains

by Curtis William 3 months ago


voice cracks like little boy

by mel 2 months ago

Kaden: Please, my wife is giving birth up there
Me: starts rolling on the flooring laughing

by CatchyenDragon :3 3 months ago

“Aim for the head just like in real life”
Me: “...and that’s how I became the world’s deadliest serial killer”

by The0neAndOnlyNoob 3 months ago

Petition to make Albert change the name of the video back to "kaden zombie", I honestly like that better than the current title.

by elliott1is1very1smart 3 months ago

AHH Albert plays Zombie Stories EEEEE!

I love this game

by Purple Power 3 months ago

the way kaden said “keep going- don’t worry about me” was so sweet🥺

by rach 2 months ago

Albert : only nerd know how to play a computer
Also Albert : playing on a computer

not hate btw i luv albert ;)

by jesuito 1 month ago

this is where i go when i eat daritos that are too spicy

by ZooTron 13 hours ago

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