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SUB TO KADEN NOW https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCqzDGKtN9dw7YlVrsWnz-rA
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Flamingo photo 1 ROBLOX TEAMWORK Flamingo photo 2 ROBLOX TEAMWORK Flamingo photo 3 ROBLOX TEAMWORK Flamingo photo 4 ROBLOX TEAMWORK

Play the game here and go investigate his other games!! (Also merch comes out 8/21)

by Flamingo 2 months ago

Another episode of how kaden flew into flamingo's heart

by azqlex 2 months ago

Hey albert! I investigated a bit in the game and there was a house i went in it there was a hole it leaded to like a wired place that had like a wired grave and some flowers and when you put the giant orb that gives light i out it on the grave and it said a name but it was smeared all over the grave stone and the flowers where not there. I tan out of the giant hole and it kicked me out.

Like so albert can see.

Made by:Astrid light lake

Roblox user is:lunahorse2467

Only the truth will tell....

by ʕ•ᴥ•ʔjustAstridッ 2 months ago

Teacher: “Atoms never touch”

Albert: Pathetic.

by Stella 2 months ago

"We're just gonna spoon mid-air!"
thats the weirdest thing ive heard on this channel so far

by bell 2 months ago

albert: hApPy CoUnTrY

albert a few min later: we got this homeless shelter right here...

by Jason Liang 2 months ago

Imagine: your teacher shows this vid in class to teach u teamwork


by Christian Antono 2 months ago

Albert: the guy who made this game isn’t normal…
Me: Albert we’re not normal...

by Daisy Roblox 2 months ago

imagine seeing a guy in your house saying "YOU'RE NEVER ALONE" Then you and that guy start kissing intently
Edit:This blew up like a smoke bomb

by the new guy in town just really boring 2 months ago

What we learned: if we can’t open it there must be a body in there

by Shr1ne 1 2 months ago

Kaden: taking advantage and saying words Albert doesn’t

by angel moraga 2 months ago

Albert : So this is happy country-
Animal jam ad : yes

by Ruby Hockenhull 2 months ago

Anime when I’m alone: literally half way through the video. Anime when I’m with my family or when someone comes into my room:

by suhhhgamer playsgames 2 months ago

Is this cursed

They actually worked together

and Albert didnt abuse something

by Ali Baba 2 months ago

We are the best team!

2 minutes later: DIE DIE DIE

by Davy WONG 2 months ago

A - Amazing Person
L - Lovely sense of humor
B - Best Youtuber EVER
E - Epic
R - Really Funny
T - The Best Person Ever

by TheSugar Emerald 2 months ago

I can’t be the only one that sees a comment and goes “Damn, I wish I wrote that”

by Do0mbread 2 months ago

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