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roblox slapping game

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Today I play Magic Hands by the magical man Fiddlepat. It's basically a slapping game on Roblox it's super fun

#flamigo #roblox funny

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Answering Alberts question about JoJo’s: Yes, part 1 is definitely pretty wordy because it’s basically the stuff you need to know for later on in the series. It is a little slow but around part 2 it does definitely get better and more entertaining from there. Also, Part 1 is only 9 episodes so it’s pretty quick to get through, but trust me as a huge JoJo’s fan it does get a lot better :)

by sam joestar 1 month ago

this brings back nostalgia.. when he didn’t have facecam I felt something.

by The Doggy Club 1 month ago

i just love how "kind" and "caring" Albert is to his fans

by Hannah Claughton 1 month ago

Albert: plays a bizzare day

by SkyHits 1 month ago

Person normal: o yeah is magicians red

Flamingo: oh angry birds

by YTMasterGT 1 month ago

I remember when Albert used to say “Buster” a lot more then he does now

by Pan Thepanda 1 month ago

Haha u can’t hit me I’m a girl

Me who knows about gender equality:

by katana4me 1 month ago

He used to say “brother” often alot more than he is now

by Chara Dreemurr 1 month ago

Flamingo : Plays *A Bizarre Day*

me : hmm.. this is better, i'd call this Flamingo's Bizarre Adventure

by Calvin Entertains 1 month ago

"I will Play A Jojo Game later"
Oh Yeah Its all coming together

by MythicUnknown 09 1 month ago

Albert, the Stand you so called angry bird is actually a stand in JJBA part 3 call magicians red. Stands appear from part 3 and onwards not in the first 2 parts. Your second stand that you got was Mr. President. I 100% recommend you watching it because it have a good plot.

by The Big BRUH 1 month ago

"There's probably murderers subscribed to me - or future murderers!"

Me with an extremely concerning interest in fire: 🔥👁👄👁🔪

by Reid Hughes 2 weeks ago

I was watching this video with my sister and then she said "what if someone drew magicians red x Albert"... I was both shocked and disappointed

by Bruno Bucciarati 1 month ago

"Is This Angry Bird"
*Sad Magician's Red Noises*

by MythicUnknown 09 1 month ago

Jojo’s bizarre adventure is by far one of the top tier anime, part one does have a lot of words, part 1 and 2 are really just setting up for part 3 which is hella good, part 4 isn’t really on the main story line still watch it it’s good, part 5 might be better than part 3 but it’s hella good

Edit: spelling

by Gluten Free Air 1 month ago

I know he might not see this or anyone else but I just figured that the face cam went off because I think that he felt a tad bit sad because of the hate that he was getting throughout the video.
And if anyone or Albert himself sees this, then don't listen to those people.
Haters are irrelevant in life and they only makes us stronger as people.
I may be wrong, but It just made me a bit sad that he went off after that incident happened with that fool that said really mean things to him.
Again, if you do see this, I absolutely love your videos and the content that you make and I have been watching you since I was little actually lol (I'm not a stalker I swear XD)
But if anyone see this or if Albert himself sees this, I hope you have a spectacular day, we will get through this pandemic together, and stay positive because there are more good things to come in this life. <3

by Abbie 1 month ago

Albert: Is this angry bird?
Magician Red: Yes I am!!!

by maryann amba 1 month ago

Fun fact: The game pass titled by "Za Hando" cost $227.50 USD.

by Craaxed LOL 1 month ago

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