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Today I play the Roblox camping game called Skyscraper this is my favorite one in a while. There are 5 different endings

#flamingo #flamingo funny #ROBLOX

Flamingo photo 1 ROBLOX SKYSCRAPER... Flamingo photo 2 ROBLOX SKYSCRAPER... Flamingo photo 3 ROBLOX SKYSCRAPER... Flamingo photo 4 ROBLOX SKYSCRAPER...

"Its a picture of your mom because your mom is hot"

i have never been so complimented yet so insulted in my life

by Foddle Stocks 1 year ago

Monster: My father passed and I was lonely.
Mother: Am I a joke to you?

by Charles Calvin 4 months ago

When the dude said see you in “HECK” I lost it lol

by Zoë Harris 6 months ago

“It’s a picture of your mom because your mom is hot”
Damn Albert I didn’t know you were into 50 year old lady’s

by illuxsionsx 6 months ago

"Why is the blood blue?"

*Detroit: become human intensifies*

by E.e 9 months ago

All of a sudden the ground and floor starts shaking

Flamingo: heY thEre siSterS hEy ThEre siStErs yEeEaH

by Gooplier 1 year ago

My mom walked in when Albert said “ur mom is hot”. 💀💀💀
Edit: for any of y’all wondering wat happened after she walked in she was like - 👁👄👁 wth r u watching 😡
Then I made up some stupid excuse saying that my friend sent me something 😀🤡
(My mom isn’t good w technology so when she asked to see I was like “o I deleted it-”)

by Dipthi Suntharesan 9 months ago

Albert: “It’s like 50 degrees.”

My butt sitting in a 50 degree’s summer: 👁👄👁

by Christina Mercadante 6 months ago

Flamingo: made for kids *
Also albert: decides that it would be a good idea to put a picture from a scary movie *

by Honey Dew :3 7 months ago

Albert: "it's 50 degrees outside, its really cold."
Me, in Britain: "Wow, 15 degrees! lets go to the beach!"

by StopitkittyAJ 5483 7 months ago

Albert: it’s like really cold it’s 50•

Colorado: let me torture my people by making a day super hot and another day super cold

by Eazy 9 months ago

“It’s like 50 degrees” me: tImE tO gO sWiMmInG

by Sage 10 months ago

"It's cold! 50 degrees!"

I'll burn at 50 degrees here in Australia...

by Sofo Sundae 11 months ago

“Picture of your mom because your mom is hot”
When you realize your a spitting image of your mom: 🥴

by Carmen 8 months ago

Alberts voice sounds like he is actually there...If you know what I mean.

by -その芸術家- 9 months ago

Albert: It’s the first really cold day of winter, it’s like 50 degrees
Me, a New Yorker: Throws on the thinnest hoodie I can find to go outside with

by Sad Trombone 11 months ago

Rommie: HELP ME

by SwugPerny King 5 months ago

Flamingo: "its 50 degrees and really cold"

michigan: "it's a good 30 degrees, nice day to go swimming"

by Vendic 1 year ago

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