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Roblox shinobi

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Today I play Shinobi's Life 2 on Roblox the best Naruto game ever made on the platform I had a really good time playing I might wanna do a second one lol lemme know if u want

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“I have a gambling addiction”
Lady Tsunade: I found I best friend.

by Flatulence Gaming 1 month ago

Spends a lot of his money for a good genkai:
doesn’t even equips them

by ur_clapped 1 week ago

"I'm such a big naruto fan!" Doesn't play the game ever again.

by LJ L 2 weeks ago

“I can’t get a rare”as he spins off rinnegan

by Alpha wolf 3 weeks ago

Albert: i have a gambling addiction

Celestia ludenberg, jabami yumeko: try us

by Charlie Animations 1 week ago

Flamingo: I love naruto
Proceeds to put in countless jo joe references

by No 4 days ago

“You made a terrible mistake...sAnS”

by Mung Pi 1 week ago

flamgo: shows Naruto poster* editor: jojo :))

by Ali Ibrahim 1 month ago

Albert: has ash genkai
Also Albert: Spins ash
Me: Inside Depression

by Thomas Ngo 1 day ago

seeing albert having so much fun playing the game is so wholesome that it warms my heart.

by MiguelV77 ;p 3 weeks ago

Lady tsunade has made a gambling buddy which is way younger than her *jiraiya yelling in de backround*

by YoUnOoB NoobTube 3 weeks ago

"i could truly never hurt a fly"
flashback to when he posted on twitter news that he peed at a spider with full force

by R0bloxGamer 09 1 month ago

I like how Albert says he read the manga and whole anime but doesn’t know what Kirin is

by Gamer Doge 4 days ago

The fact he goes for pay to win and spends thousands of robux gambling

Here I am with normal premium, struggling to get 450 robux each month

by Ancient Foods Reunited 1 day ago

This man literally spawned in a server with the friggin raijin kunai.

by DogeDJ 2 days ago

Yumeko:"Am I a JOKE to you?"

by Flamingos Child 3 days ago

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