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Roblox's disturbing island turns people into monsters

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PLAY (and be respectful): https://www.roblox.com/games/3522803956/De-Pride-Isle-Sanatorium
Today I play De Pride Isle Sanatorium

Flamingo photo 1 Roblox's disturbing island turns people... Flamingo photo 2 Roblox's disturbing island turns people... Flamingo photo 3 Roblox's disturbing island turns people... Flamingo photo 4 Roblox's disturbing island turns people...

Albert: Doesn’t Post for a day
Everyone: becomes detectives

by Jodie And Brynn 8 months ago

"you died with pride" and then we literally see a pride

by Артик 34 1 month ago

The white cave is for the nurses to get to the sanatorium quickly.

by Anti-social Bread 1 month ago

Flamingo: She choked on a sushi and died!

Me who is currently eating sushi:

by Victoria Ravenfall 1 month ago

I love how he wants to eat the one animal that represents him. ;w;

by yyuta 8 months ago

The fact that i saw "B-Baka" Got me like weezing xD

by Wierd Person224 2 months ago

Albert: If you troll here, you aren’t funny, just annoying
Me: Top ten facts YouTubers said

by Danganronpa & Fnaf 2 months ago

When she said "She choked on a a sushi and died." I laughed my head off

by Brandon Wong 3 months ago

My reaction to this when I watched this is "Is this a roleplay game or a fricking horror game?"

by ROBIN IVAN RAFAEL 2 months ago

Hey Albert, I have some tips and facts for you!

1. in the spawn you will see the same glowing cave as the one you saw near the waterfall. The nurses use that to teleport to the “asylum” easier and more quickly!

2. It is better for you to preserve the food that you’re eating by not eating it all at one time, if you ever run out of food there are some trees around the island that can feed you also!

3. i’m not sure if you know this, but if you’re out snooping too late at night one of the nurses can hit you and take you into a dungeon with other people who were caught not in the dorms! (it’s happened to me)

Please like so Albert can see!💗

Sad that I have to add to this comment but it was announced that the owner of the game is against islam’s and and is also responsible for other hate speeches.

by Melanie Ceja 8 months ago

“Such a manly man....”

Isn’t that Kirishima’s line??

by EvieBoBevie 4 months ago

“What a strong senpai!”
yandere has joined the chat

by Snowy Rose 2 months ago

“Its just a cold”
:2020: burn them!

by Can Mcdu 2 months ago

imagine all of this being like an anime of ping's hallucinations of hilly dying followed by him actually dying.

by [insert name here] 3 months ago

The sisters: cry’s in Japanese

by BRICKY BOY 8 months ago

Is nobody gonna talk about when jack said “please proceed to the dock!the boat is waiting!” But under his name it said Gay Pirate

by Dino HD 2 months ago


by PieStuff 1 month ago

im a nurse here and we have to act like it doesent exist because we dont want to scare or frighten our clients so when someone tell us about the spiders we say " Oh what a wonderful imagination of yours!" or something like thaat

by tytoygirl 1 month ago

"so if you cough on somebody, they get the cold too."
everyone is 2020/2021:

by notmarco 22 hours ago

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