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Roblox noobs try to figure out what I'm drawing

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Play here! Don't troll though, this is genuinely a really fun game if everyone tries, https://www.roblox.com/games/4539637987/Image-Learner
Today I play one of my new favorite games called Image Learner where you draw something, and someone has to guess what you're drawing by drawing it themselves, then you have to guess which person was trying to figure out what you were drawing.... it's kinda confusing but not at all once you get it.

Flamingo photo 1 Roblox noobs try to figure... Flamingo photo 2 Roblox noobs try to figure... Flamingo photo 3 Roblox noobs try to figure... Flamingo photo 4 Roblox noobs try to figure...

“You dont buy babies atleast not in america”

Adoption System : am i a joke to you?

by makj 1 year ago

Thumbnail: Albert draws cleetus Random guy “PICKLE!!”

by Yuri- chan 1349 1 month ago


The duck: has one leg

by RoguesCold 4 months ago

"A Girl holding a chainsaw" It looks more like a girl holding a toilet brush

by Dreamming 3 months ago

Albert losing hs mind at 5am: Im THe BeST

by Amelia Selvey 3 months ago

“Those are buttons i swear!” Albertstuff is still here

by Helix Adam Oxford 1 year ago

Albert: questioning his art skills
Me: wow.

by -snapdrag0n- 2 weeks ago

adoption: let me introduce ourselves

by Zombie Bro 2 months ago

Albert: "Someone drew "stocks"

Everyone who knows the meme: "ITS STONKS!!!!!"

by Just A Random Letter 3 months ago

"Hes gonna take 1 look at mine and his brain is just gonna catch on fire."
"Is gonna have a mental breakdown after seeing what I drew"
"Simply Abby, I hope I made it simple enough for you."

"Im going to C H O K E the image learner"

by Somebody living 3 months ago

“I’m stabbing someone with a sharp metal pointy pizza” oh no..

by KatplayzP & MasterP 1 year ago

"Bird that has admin"

Albert: draws a duckish chicken creature

by •Itz_Alice• UwU 2 weeks ago

"Those are buttons i swear"
my little sis: big sis do u know why he said those are button ?
Me:Ure not mature enough to know sweetie :D.....

by Sophia theodora Suhartono 2 months ago

Awh Albert got excited for this drawing 🥺 that was adorable🥺 he drew the best duck🥺

by Afton Girl 1 month ago

Flamgo: I need colors i cant do blood with no colors!

Image Learners: Does a very trash drawing

by Alexander Oliver 1 month ago

Video idea:
Pretend to be an imaginary friend to a child and go invisible when the parents are near.

by BriBri! 1 year ago


My mind: Hmmm flamgo Merch AD U>U

by A C 1 week ago

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