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#Roblox moving day #Flamingo #ROBLOX #Flamingo camping #Gaming
play here: https://www.roblox.com/games/2266829809/Moving-Day-Story
Today I play a new story/camping game on Roblox called Moving day! It is one where you move... not like dancing but like with boxes and stuff then other things happen.

#Roblox camping end #Roblox moving day end #Roblox Flamingo #Roblox albert #Roblox story #Roblox camping

Flamingo photo 1 ROBLOX MOVING DAY... Flamingo photo 2 ROBLOX MOVING DAY... Flamingo photo 3 ROBLOX MOVING DAY... Flamingo photo 4 ROBLOX MOVING DAY...

Paige probably cut out like 5 minutes of Albert talking about his peeing skills

Edit: Hey, I know that people find editing the comment is annoying, but thanks for 1k likes. It means a lot! :) Poor Paige, she didn't deserve to hear that lol

by Cherry Puppy 11 months ago

albert: “i don’t wanna wake her up if i pee”

also albert: screams

by 444 4 months ago

Albert in a horror movie: “RUN IDIOTS RUN”

by Sophie Levesque 4 months ago


Albert: exposing him and his girlfriend's bathroom-ness*

by Kolton M 6 months ago

Kirsten:sleeping Albert: staying up forever

by Theboss102 6 months ago

Albert: holding in his pee so his girl friend can sleep
My parents when I sleep: this seems like a great time to vacuume

by Larissa 10 months ago

When alberts random alt acc accepts your friend requests:

Omg yey

by _VibezArmy_ 5 months ago

"i have control over her.."

- Albert

by draculaura 5 months ago

Lol why is everyone talking about him peeing when we should be talking about how we want him to vlog

by Why do I have 8 subs? 6 months ago

I was playing this game once, than this random dude came up to me and said “Ur hot” and i just left and was scared for like 5 days. Lol

by Liz 5 months ago

Albert: I don't wanna wake Kirsten up
Also Albert: screaming half the time

by Melody 1 month ago

Saving a old man from demon: OMG BAD ENDING! A family going into a house that there gonna die in: OMG GOOD ENDING YASS

by Oliver Dreamz 6 months ago

Saved the monster and made him good: Bad Ending
Killing a happy family: Good Ending

by BrazilTime 2 months ago

”Good job, Kiersten, you clogged the toilet.”

by QueenTewiwi 3 months ago

When Albert said that he needed to pee I said that at the exact time and when I thought of it I was like: What has my life come to....

by Bruh Man 5 months ago

Albert: I dont wanna wake her up
Also albert: Scared to admit shes too cute

by Māłk áftøń 1 day ago

Albert: I don't want to wake my girlfriend up because my pee is too loud.

Albert again: Shouts at computer

by Lola Chilton 11 months ago

lol they came out of the ground

by spi3es 6 months ago

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