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Roblox luxury clothes (NO POOR PEOPLE ALLOWED)

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buy the new flim flam drop later this month so i can overthrow gucci
Today I talk about Gucci the actual brand coming on to Roblox. I think it's cool this vid is a joke lol

Flamingo photo 1 Roblox luxury clothes (NO POOR... Flamingo photo 2 Roblox luxury clothes (NO POOR... Flamingo photo 3 Roblox luxury clothes (NO POOR... Flamingo photo 4 Roblox luxury clothes (NO POOR...

I'm the richest. I bought the entire Gucci store muaha

by xiaoleung 2 months ago

a loud knock on the door echoes throughout the empty house. you’re home alone, you decide not to answer it. another knock, even louder. chills are sent down your spine, you squirm in your chair. suddenly, you hear the lock click and the door swing open quickly, the house shaking from the force. you panic, diving for your closet, hoping whatever just broke into your house won’t see you. the silence is deafening. the only thing you can hear is your uneven breathing. suddenly, a flurry of stomps sounds from the hallway outside your bedroom door. the stairs creak with each thump, the sound getting louder and louder. your breath gets caught in your throat as the door to your room swings open, bouncing off the wall, just as the front door had done, and making a visible and deep dent in the white, bumpy material. a strange man appears and seems to admire your room, his eyes darting to each different feature of the decorations. he looks to be not very young, but not any older than 30. his strong jawline and beautiful, brown hair stuck out to you the most. he seemed to be wearing a... gucci shirt? he circles around, his eyes getting wider. he suddenly stops turning, his body frozen in place and facing your direction. his mouth slightly ajar, he steps closer and closer to your hiding spot. you can’t breathe, you can’t think, you can’t move, he gets ever so closer. his breathing can be heard from your hiding spot, and his eyes look hungry. reaching the door, he grabs it by the knob and throws it out of his way. you hear it crack, like the wood splintered. you feel so exposed, terrified. he inches closer to you, pinning you against the wall with no escape. his face close to yours, and his hot, gross-smelling breath against your cheek, you hear him mutter:

“i’m so rich.”

by greedy feline 2 months ago

how other youtubers do an intro: ''hey guys, welcome back to a new video!''

how Albert does an intro: ''IS HOTTTT''

by Vzxnus 2 months ago

Hacker: "Imagine wasting money on this game" Also hacker: Admits he uses synapse x, a 20$ paid hack client

by Diotarono 2 months ago

vote Albert for president 2020

he will give everybody

free rogue bucks

by Tortilla 2 months ago

Imagine your home alarm goes off, you hear thumping up your stairs, your door is locked, until you hear a knocking on the door, that knocking turns into banging, from your hiding spot under your bed, you can see his gucci sneakers, he bends over and stares at you, making eye contact, you prepare you scream, but get muffled at the sound of the mans next words "I'm so rich"

by Tektrah 2 months ago

exploiter was really complaining about you spending 4 dollars on a shirt and pants while he spent 20 on roblox hacks

by jayy ! 2 months ago

i like how the hacker acts like hes this extremely smart person when really he is just a 10 year old that thinks buying 20$ hacks

by Rattus Ryan 2 months ago

Life in paradise is a game everyone played without understanding its purpose before finding out adopt me and arsenal piggy granny etc

by KittyCorn Roblox! 2 months ago

How people treat depression: “Oh god this isn’t okay. You need to see a professional therapist to deal with this”
How Albert treats depression: “This guy looks sad. I need to tell him how rich I am!”

by Bendy with Godzilla 2 months ago

"If this game was server sided I would have killed this scrub" lmao man knows nothing about what hes talking about 😂

by Michael Mike 2 months ago

Everyone when starting the video: hello guys,
Flamingo: is hot.

by EXTINCTED GAMING 2 months ago

Someone: "who actually spends roux on this game?"
Albert: "hi guys today imma spend 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 robux on Jojo siwa simulator."
Me: * frantically buys robux so I can spend it all on Jojo siwa simulator *

by Azaria Rivera 2 months ago

Why does Albert's hair look like he ran 10 miles, sweated 10 gallons, and smacked a beanie on himself and started recording-

this is a joke please don't take it seriously ily albert no homo

by Y a l i o 2 months ago

when albert is stabbing objects he looks like he's really into it

by Myth- -Cal 2 months ago

"kill Caesar"
JoJo fans: sobbing

by Adi ღ 2 months ago

"Why waste robux on admin, when you can hack!"

by Cubebot 2 months ago

Flamingo: I'm rich
Money its self: breathing intensifies

by Nullify 2 months ago

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