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Roblox group offered to pay their workers... then banned us

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BE NICE TO ANY GAME I PLAY PLEASE. Today I play random games, one of which had a funny trick at their place about getting people to work for them lol


Flamingo photo 1 Roblox group offered to pay... Flamingo photo 2 Roblox group offered to pay... Flamingo photo 3 Roblox group offered to pay... Flamingo photo 4 Roblox group offered to pay...

guys please stop disliking their hotel game, if you visit there please like their game.
I never want anyone to send hate to any game I do a video on, please stop.

by Flamingo 2 months ago



by PiggyMasterZ 2 months ago

"She's now homeless, but the houses she's homeless near are beautiful!"

by Anno Domino 2 months ago

Chairperson: He doesn’t pay us and I keep telling him to stop.

Owner in background: I’m just gonna pretend I didn’t hear that.

by BillyManJoe 2 months ago

when me and my friend are in separate classes

by Julie 2 months ago

Me watching flamingo with my wireless headphones:

Albert: “bro why’d they make it battery low so far”

by Gon Freecss 2 months ago

honestly, i feel like paige doesn’t get enough appreciation. she does amazing when it comes to editing these videos, but i never see anyone in the comments talking about her. please don’t hate on me for saying this. i just feel like she deserves more appreciation cause she’s really awesome

also, im just saying this in response to albert’s comment about saying not to send hate to the makers of the game and stuff:

albert is actually really sweet even though he’s constantly killing people on roblox. he honestly doesn’t want anyone to be hated on. he gets a ton of hate that he doesn’t deserve and he still doesn’t want anyone else to get hate. this is the main reason i love albert. he’s such a sweet person and he deserves the world

omg and carlito i almost forgot bro

edit: and adam of course. and znac was somethin else- (not in a bad way its just that his style was way different)

by b00luna 2 months ago

Anyone else trying to figure out the code at the end? I’ve gotten past the morse code and it reads:


I still haven’t found out what else there is too it.

by Egg Almighty 2 months ago


by spicygguk v 2 months ago

Telling Albert to upload on luisgamercool 23 until he does every day: day 2

by ya yeet 2 months ago

when the person says l report you he probly grabs a gun and shoot report button

by Layla Ayubi 1 month ago

2 girls: goes to glass
Me: those are probably birds because birds can’t see glass
And smash that like button

by Obese Communist 2 months ago

Tbh, Kitkat and cool spider's love story is more entertaining than most of the roblox stories Albert has played

by MattTheMetalGuitarist 2 months ago

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