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today I am DUOLINGO BIRD on Roblox and I use roblox admin commands to find out if people did their spanish lessons

#ROBLOX #Roblox funny admin #Roblox admin #Roblox commands #friendly #Roblox funny #Roblox flamingo

Flamingo photo 1 Roblox DUOLINGO BIRD uses ADMIN... Flamingo photo 2 Roblox DUOLINGO BIRD uses ADMIN... Flamingo photo 3 Roblox DUOLINGO BIRD uses ADMIN... Flamingo photo 4 Roblox DUOLINGO BIRD uses ADMIN...

Looks like you missed your Spanish lesson!
You know what happens now!

by Lucky Dogo 1 year ago

U know when he said yawn I did to and I couldn’t breathe and I thought I was having a stroke

by XproX noobX 3 months ago

Quick lesson: hombre= man mujer= woman boy= niño girl= niña
like so albert learns spanish

by CrystalBxnny 2 months ago

“what is hello in Spanish?”
”Taco burrito the 3rd”
edit: its at

by mj and honic 3 months ago

“It’s simple, Russian or concussion.”

by Shiloh De La Paz 2 weeks ago

You missed your ROBLOX scripting lessons

You know what happens now.

by Ally Miku 1 year ago

news: woman found dead after missing Spanish lessons..
me: *Begging my life in Spanish*

by Sarena Crismhel D. Rendon 3 months ago

Random Person: YO TENGO
Albert: He has cracked the code.

by David Willman 2 months ago

"i was eat bacon flak until i get notification"

by Physcic Friend FredBear! 3 months ago

Meme: When You havent used duolingo in 2 days:
Me: ~Gets notification~ "It's been 30 days o.o CoMe PrAcTicE yOuR sPaNiSh

No joke i got that lol

by WolfyGames_YT 3 months ago

I cried when Duolingo killed my dog then the bird said do it in Spanish

by Non_Thanos -Tsm- 1 year ago

Ayo i forgot my Japanese lesson and he took my family💀.....

by Mistake 4 weeks ago

Albert: Oh my god I just spit I literally just spit-
Ad: Hey kid wanna house

by Coco Cupcake 3 months ago

"Uh oh, you know what happens now!"
"Uhh, what happens now?"
Visible confusion

by Basel Bannoud 1 week ago

Me: *realize wait isn't that my friend on the "15" place Holly crap"is the one with red hair" 😮😮😮😊

by JingYee Siah 3 months ago

Sure I date
D:ont even know
A:ny one at all
T:hat would ever
E:ven consider a relationship with me

by Crazypear147 1 year ago

How come everytime Albert/Flamingo gets in a baby carrier he glitches?

by Erinn Saige Matas 1 month ago

Just imagine how many people who are subscribed to flamingo who are now dead car crashes etc,

Beg for your life In Spanish.

by Bonniebush_yt 1 month ago

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