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Today I play Flee the facility and we get some intense games in!

#Flee the facility

Flamingo photo 1 ROBLOX CAPTURED... Flamingo photo 2 ROBLOX CAPTURED... Flamingo photo 3 ROBLOX CAPTURED... Flamingo photo 4 ROBLOX CAPTURED...


Albert's Voicecracks When Screaming: 📈📉📈📉

by Bozoyoustoopid 1 year ago

"its american flavor" is the most american thing ever said

by Ceo do Xbox 2 months ago

“What would America taste like?”

Me, an American: obesity

by MalloyGamer101 9 months ago

Albert:” rubbing his neck because he just raged”.

Me: “wow I should try that”.

by DaMonkeyGurl 1 year ago

“As you can see he’s level 69.”

Ah yes, a man of true intelligence.

by Kakuxu 10 months ago

Flamingo: yells at everyone and is considered to be known for treating noobs badly
Also Flamingo: "Oh God he's stupid. He's like my dumb dog trying to run into the road. I feel like I need to protect him."

by Hikari Takanashi 10 months ago

no ones even doing “albert 2019”..

“everyone: albert 2019”

by lemon zest 1 year ago

" Flee the facility is hard "

7-11 years old players: Are we a joke to you?

by FxshVoel 1 year ago

*Albert casually yelling at a frozen body to come on *
* Albert : realizes its dead *
* Also albert * NOOOOO GULLET!

by Ruth Fenton 6 months ago

everyone: everyone: Albert 2019

me: AlBeRt 2019

by Playluf 1 year ago

Me: Roasts my teacher
My Teacher: Trys to think of a comeback and me nowing hes really good at comebacks

by TheElectricPower 8 months ago

“Dear Diary, I am going to burn you and rip you into tiny pieces”
-Emotional Quote from Albert

by sumi sushii 1 year ago

“There needs to be a good flee the facility game that isn’t flee the facility”

Captive: Am I a joke to you?

by Jordyn Hammonds 9 months ago

Albert: “What would America taste like?”
Me: looks over horizon Freedom

by Grace Mehany 3 months ago

When albert is so close to capture my heart is beating faster its like albert will not die hahaahaha

by Luther Von Perez 2 months ago

Albert: Dear Diary, I have begged and you have eliminated all of my enemies.

Albert begging:

I am going to burn you and rip you into tine piec-

by xcoffee_shopx 3 months ago

“He’s level 69”
Me- That is very much adequate.

by A_Is_Not_Sus 8 months ago

“Flee the Facility is HARD!”



by Pandora PlayZ 3 months ago

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