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Roblox bullies fed me to the demons

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Today I go to SCP Area 02 which is a really good scp type game

#flamingo #flamigo #flamingo funny moments

Flamingo photo 1 Roblox bullies fed me to... Flamingo photo 2 Roblox bullies fed me to... Flamingo photo 3 Roblox bullies fed me to... Flamingo photo 4 Roblox bullies fed me to...

“could you dont?” perfect English

edit: holy- how’d this get 935 likes- tysm!

by pedro hernandez 4 months ago

Albert: How do I kill people?!

Also albert: Is literally the most harmless SCP ever

by That Random Guy 2 months ago

“ Scp “ stands for “ Secure. Contain. Protect. “ The SCP foundation captures supernatural beings and objects that humanity cannot handle, and hides them! It’s like Area 51 owo

by SoftieSpookii 4 months ago

Albert: *talks about covid*

YouTube: ad revenue go 🟢 to 🟡 haha

by e 4 months ago

Admin idea: make a portal that people will walk into which leads them to a copy of the map but change a few parts to red. Make another portal in a different area of the copied map leading you to an even weirder map and repeat the process until the world is completely distorted. Once the player is there, tell them “There is no escape.” And then put them through endless torture.

Like so Albert can see

by Energized Fanta 4 months ago

YouTube getting “kind of mad” is an understatement. XD

by Ghost Blox 4 months ago

Albert: name is Tsunadu and looks like a tsundere.

Me: hmmmm a man of culture.

by Origami 4 months ago

Oh god-I was eating a smoothie when he said a “ ferret smoothie would not taste good” and I looked at my RED smoothie and almost puked 🤢

by Sunshine Studios 4 months ago


by Xander 3 months ago

I love how Albert mentioned how the hype and sway house are having party’s without masks lollll😂🤣

by Vibing •mood 4 months ago

“Scary cough party’s”

by Jvstsavvy 4 months ago

Me looking at the thumbnail: awwww they're hugging

by A blade . . 4 months ago

"can your lips taste the kiss of death?" by DARLING

by Someguy 3 months ago

"A ferret smoothie would not taste good"
as a ferret owner, I can confirm...

they taste like rotting corpses-

by LLunaroid 4 months ago

Idea: Host a event on your main account and join the event on an alt, mess around on the alt account and tell the fans that the event is canceled because of the alt

by Banana 4 months ago

"I've been wanting to kill an animal for a while."

Albert 2020

by potato 4 months ago

"Ya, can you don't?"
-Albert 2020

by A M 4 months ago

I am the only who notice that Albert said ,” this is just hell”.

by Z Ack ROB LOTX 4 months ago

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