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Roblox bread man...

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Today I play the new Roblox Bread game! Bread chapter 2 which is kinda fnaf like and stuff
play: https://www.roblox.com/games/5041314434/B-R-E-A-D-The-second-chapter

#roblox albert #Flamingo roblox

Flamingo photo 1 Roblox bread man... Flamingo photo 2 Roblox bread man... Flamingo photo 3 Roblox bread man... Flamingo photo 4 Roblox bread man...

play here i linked the wrong game in description the first time i linked it's fixed now tho

by Flamingo 1 month ago

flamingo: i will never waste your time with ads

chipsahoy ad: allow me to introduce myself.

by TheBlueLightWithin 1 month ago

"I like how I have a poster with just nothing on it."

You've unlocked: Poster white colored!

I've won, but at what cost?

by Sockretees 1 month ago

Albert: we've probably been running it over * laughs* CoNStAnTLy

by AINSLEY SOLARI 1 month ago

I thought the 1st game was better, the second chapter just gave me FNAF vibes.

by ToxicJim 1 month ago

Flamingos: what is that
Me: did they play a voice line of Elizabeth ;-;

by X Gáchã_Shāđøw X 1 month ago

Game: “he would not stop talking so I had to deal with him myself“
Me: “SiR ThIS Is RateD G“

by toasty panda 1 month ago

No one:

Not even my sleep paralysis demon:

Albert: "aS tHaS lAike aMoNg GusH"

by baejoohyunee 1 month ago

Albert: "So it's a big piece of moist bread that sneaks into your house and kills your whole family.
So,great game . "

by - ChickenPlayz - 1 month ago

I genuinely want someone to make a game called “five nights in space”

Basically five nights at freddys and among us

If your a creator, please I’m dying for it!

by Kaylah Njie 1 month ago

“A moist bread that comes into your house and kills you and you’re family it’s awesome game.” - Albert 2020

Sounds like a game he would play.

by Ella •.• 1 month ago

Me : *see,s not 1M view,s over a day*
Also me : THAT,S ILLEGAL!!!!!!

by Truc Nguyen 1 month ago

Flamingo: * randomly gets teleported into a nightguard office and gets a nightguard job *

Me: yo Scott, make a bread animatronic

by Blûëbėrrÿ Møcâ 1 month ago

Albert: “A bread sneaks into your house and kills your entire family”

by Basic Haste 1 month ago

Me: Watches video Pretty cool.
Also me: Wait, FNaF 6, is that you ?

by Melissa Wollenberg 1 day ago

I like how in every scary game albert plays he says "iS tHiS aMoNg Us?¿"

by Lil Legend 1 month ago

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