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the creator this game stole a lot from my friend RVVZ :( didn't know til hours after i uploaded
today I play Roblox blood engine which is a fighting game all about blood


Flamingo photo 1 ROBLOX BLOOD Flamingo photo 2 ROBLOX BLOOD Flamingo photo 3 ROBLOX BLOOD Flamingo photo 4 ROBLOX BLOOD

Not sure why I thought of pink blood when i read the title

by Yxlesi 1 month ago

Fun fact: The word “long” is shorter than the word “short”

by Emma Stearman 1 month ago

bruh idk why people keep saying "fake?" "are you fake" like tf even with admin or hacks you cant change ur user to his

by Bri uwushiz 1 month ago

Never in my life I would imagine Albert saying a JoJo reference.

by JoJo Is Not Vibin. 1 month ago

Flamingo: That was alot of money

Also flamingo: *Has 640k+ robux*

Me: Cries in no robux

by Heavenly Neveah 1 month ago

my jojo brainrot coming back after Albert didn’t realize the jojo reference:

by Iguana 1 month ago

“Look at those babies going up there to hide”

“Maybe I can hide up there”

by Xxroblox_ Royalty 1 month ago

3 Differences
1st:"You Killed..."
2nd:"You Knocked..."
3rd:"You Smashed..."

by Red V 1 month ago

Fun fact: the "Za hando" item is a stand from JJBA part 4 owned by okayasu, and it's abilities are erasing objects to nowhere from it's right hand. And also the universe gets smaller the more Za hando is used. the hand can also bring objects, and it cannot erase living things :D

by 1sG_T 1 month ago

Is it me, or Albert watched jojo and didn’t even know what “za hando” is

by NoobyBuilder 1 month ago

Random dude : “can I be Spider-Man?” Albert: uhhh you can be Batman :>

by UnicornBlizz 1 month ago

for all you non weebs, the "Za hando" gamepass is a direct reference to jojo's bizzare adventure, when in part 4, koichi and josuke encounter a stand user named oikyiasu, whos stand is named "The hand"

by Elon Ramsay 1 month ago

This brings back memories of when flamingo said “I pee blood” in the future

by Jeanette Davis 1 month ago

Fiddlepat: “I made this expensive because I don’t want anyone getting it.”

Albert: YOU FOOL

by Sophia Kalenza 1 month ago

*Me seeing a JoJo reference in Flamingo's video*: " I never expected that"

by AmiSia _ 1 month ago

Za Hando is a stand in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable which is part 4 of JOJO and it has the Za Hando erasure sound

by Kyleson Yip 4 weeks ago

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