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PLAY HERE: https://www.roblox.com/games/4655787747/Attack-on-Albert-STORY
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Today I play Attack on Albert, a new Roblox story game made by "Trash Games!" Thanks idkhowtocode and NeverTrustBob

#ROBLOX #Roblox story #Roblox funny moments #Roblox funny

Flamingo photo 1 ROBLOX ATTACK ON ALBERT... Flamingo photo 2 ROBLOX ATTACK ON ALBERT... Flamingo photo 3 ROBLOX ATTACK ON ALBERT... Flamingo photo 4 ROBLOX ATTACK ON ALBERT...


by Flamingo 5 months ago

Albert: does not talk about not posting for 2 days

Everyone: ok

by Gloria Nightson 5 months ago

I know this might be old but

Flamingo : so I found this show called attack on titan

Everyone : ??

Weebs: he’s one of us 😂😂

by Killua Zoldyck 1 week ago

Me: Watches video beggining

Also me: wonders if McChillington is levi???

by Damian Orozco Cantu 2 weeks ago

Im not first
Im not last
But most importantly
Nobody asked

by szsir 1 week ago

Idea for a new video: Go to Island Life and kidnap a random child. Get the parents and a random player sword fight for the child. If the parent wins they get the child. If they lose you nuke the server. Like for Albert to see!

by Halo 5 months ago

“I gotta go back to the lobby”


epic le quack ad comes up

by Sophia Caroline UY 1 week ago

albert: i watch attack on titan
weebs: i’m about to end this whole man’s career

by kageyama tobio 3 weeks ago

Albert: “Hey people who made Attack on Titans please don’t copyright this video”
Me, who skipped 1 minute of the video: Attack, on, WHAT

by Robux QUEEN UwU 1 day ago

Albert: “I hate alberts videos”
Me: Ya know ya really didn’t have to say that

by Anime Time 1 day ago

Albert: doesn't post for 1 day
Everyone: PANICK
Albert: doesn't post for 2 days
Everyone: P A N I C K

by Liu Liu 5 months ago

Albert fans: doesnt hate Albert
Albert: fine, I’ll do it myself

by sweetie the kitty 1 week ago

StEvE hArVeY iS tHaT yOu?!


"Ha, iS tHaT tHe beSt yOuVe gOt?!"

by AAnimated 1 month ago

I love how he doesn’t even notice that in the su tart boss fight the Cleetus in the game was just chilling and watching

by the_ _terminating 3 weeks ago

Albert: “I watch this anime called Attack On Titan-“


by jack kerner 5 months ago

Intro of Attack on Titan (English)
Are we the prey? No! We’re the hunters!
We are the hunters!
Through the name of the cursed flower was unknown.
The fallen bird grieved for the wind.
I don’t understand despite my prayers.
What can change the present is the resignation to fight.
Stepping over the corpses.
The pig that sneers at our determination.
The peace of livestock.
The flourishing deception.
The death of a lone wolfs freedom.
The humiliation of imprisonment is the arrow of retaliation.
Where the wall lays the prey slaughters.
The impulse to kill burns into you.
The blood red of twilight pierces through.

by Zemical 3 weeks ago

My friend: How many does albert have Alt accs

Me: uh only few

Litterally albert:

by Kimazel Alarcon 1 week ago

when Albert says but that’s mine. Me: 🥺🥺🥺😂😂😂

by Leah Saez 4 weeks ago

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