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Today I play a Roblox version of the game "Among Us" called Impostor, watch as I betray a trusted friend and sworn enemies
play here: https://www.roblox.com/games/5702949743

Flamingo photo 1 ROBLOX AMONG US Flamingo photo 2 ROBLOX AMONG US Flamingo photo 3 ROBLOX AMONG US Flamingo photo 4 ROBLOX AMONG US

The moment when flamingo realizes yellow/orange was a flamingo fan just sounded so wholesome

by Bella'sChicks 1 month ago

Orange: “Gg flamango”

Albert: “you knew! 😊”

by Soft_ Weeb 1 month ago

“Gg Flamango” - his orange friend
“You knew!” - Albert

That’s one awesome moment right there. Albert even killed orange to win.

by Gage & Serena Anderson 1 month ago

I don’t know how to play among us

by Tpulse 1 month ago

Albert: loses one game
Immediately after
Albert: "This game sucks!"

by AnIrishPotato Man 1 month ago

Scams in comments be like:


by Bot Kai 1 month ago

“ swear on my life..” Albert: dies in middle of sentence

by Bleaix 1 month ago

"gg flamingo"

Albert: *surprised pikachu* you knew....

by Chaotic Qween 1 month ago

Me:"Plays Imposter"
Pink:"Calls emergency "
LITERALLY EVERYBODY:I'm gonna vote the person who has the most random votes

by Lionel Tries 1 month ago

Flamingo: You knew!
Me: Your literally the only person who would say GET NOOB after winning

by Floss Bloss 1 month ago

Me: mom can we get Among Us?

Mom: no we already have Among Us at home

Among Us at home:

by Russian Spy 1 month ago

I want to die from Albert coming up behind me with a knife and saying “HEY SISTERS”

by Honeybun 1 month ago

“Shut up if this was in person I would slap u”😭💀

by Emma Rubio 1 month ago

Flamingo insults everyone but then feels like he's betraying a random person named "orange"

by Tina Gong 1 month ago

sometimes I wonder how albert feels when he scrolls through his comment section and sees comments he has probably seen hundreds of times before

by yes because yes 1 month ago

“You knew” that reminded me of the atrocity badge in bear

by Johanna Soto 3 weeks ago

Omg at the end when Albert said “you knew” it just sounded so wholesome I keep watching the end just because of it

by teal super Celia 1 month ago

Daily reminder just remember Albert you're just being yourself and being you and that's all what matters it's unbelievable how much things you do for us I will keep supporting you as long as I can don't listen to haters it's what you do that matters to me and your true fans I will support you to the end and I hope you understand that you are you and no one else can change you but you and you don't have to change because you're Perfect Just the Way You Are I hope you keep going producing amazing content for me and the rest of your fans I wish I could buy your merch and your membership but currently I'm having a hard time right now and I'm not getting my allowance I hope you understand but I will one day keep that merch coming have a beautiful day or night.

by dailydoseof memes 1 month ago

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