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PLAY IT NOW!!! https://www.roblox.com/games/4911514005/Check-It-Containment-Facility
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Today I play Roblox Check It Facility which is a SCP style Roblox game that is meme-based and also has some memes from OUR community woo go support them!!

#Roblox albert #Roblox funny #Roblox flamingo #Flamingo

Flamingo photo 1 ROBLOX ALBERT / FLAMINGO SCP... Flamingo photo 2 ROBLOX ALBERT / FLAMINGO SCP... Flamingo photo 3 ROBLOX ALBERT / FLAMINGO SCP... Flamingo photo 4 ROBLOX ALBERT / FLAMINGO SCP...

You know flamingo might sound like a crazy guy but he has a nice heart.

by Aj Ines 6 months ago

Even tho Albert smiled when he read that , you could still see his smile started to fade

by Astriqxx 2 months ago

Flamingo already has a life it's to make videos and make us laugh, the haters dont even have life bc they are just jealous they dont make anyone laugh unlike flamingo he makes us all laugh :)

by Xander_ Destroyer 2 months ago

H- Having
A- Anger
T- Torward
E- Everyone
R- Reaching
S- Success

by Maria ochoa 4 weeks ago

You can tell that he's hurt...
Everyone, don't h8 on ppl like that. "The only thing worse than ur vids is ur personality. ()" - How can someone be so rude and say stuff like that?! It's pretty hard to ignore bc I feel rlly bad for Albert. Don't listen to those people! They're just jellaus!! Don't change the way you are, we all love your personality, your videos.. We love everything about you! You are perfect just the way you are!! Lysm, stay safe everyone <3

by Arrr Bebisch 2 months ago

I don’t understand why many people hate on Albert, he’s like the only person that actually makes me die of laughter.

Oops,started a fight 👀

by D D 6 months ago

When that person insulted Flamingo I knew that someone was going to be drowning in the the toilet bowl tonight.

by Daily Dapper 2 months ago


flamingo: hehe i dont get hate laughs weakly

by iAnxie_ 2 months ago

Haters: hates on Albert
Me: you should sleep with your eyes open

by Noah Patton 2 months ago

i blocked the hater from the beginning and reported him 2 times😂💞

by Dreamfan- lia 2 months ago

I can’t even why do people hate flamingo he literally sacrifices his time to make us smile he helps us through the hardest times in our life’s he helped me when I couldn’t smile he helped my friend through abuse he helped us all for something <3 we all love you Albert if your reading this ! Thank you all for the sweet reply’s I hope he sees them and feels good for making us all happy

by PAIN333 6 months ago

Albert is amazing,
Albert is loving,
Albert is funny,
Albert is thankful,
Albert has an amazing personality,
Albert is the best,
Albert doesn't deserve all this hate,
Thanks Albert, for all the things you've done. We all love your videos. We all love your videos for a reason. It's because of his heart. It's because of his amazing personality. It's because Albert is truthful. It's because Albert is super funny, that he makes me die of laughter every video. Albert makes us happy whenever we are sad. Albert was and will always be everyone's favorite. And I'd like to just say thanks for everything you've done to entertain us and to let us come along the amazing journey you have brought us through :)

Love, Twital

by Kolden - Brawl Stars 1 month ago

Flamingos more cooler than any YouTubers I ever seen like he's like the amazing person and no one knows about all the other YouTubers are never really liked him but it's still okay with seeds not really good at videos he still cool the way he is he's cool but he don't people don't think he is but it's fine with you don't think he is but it's important to be happy who they are

by S Sk 2 months ago

“The only thing worse then your vids is your personality”

Me: The only thing worse then your personality is your existence, Checkmate, this is for hating on albert

by DeceptionRonpa! REBOOT! 2 months ago

Albert Is the only person that Makes me laugh so Hard That i fell out of my bed He is My fav youtuber 🥺🥰

by Jessica Mendoza 2 months ago

Albert hater: hates on albert

All of us: say sike right now

by epic fail 6 months ago

"u should get a life bc nobody likes u"
oh boy he has a girlfriend and millions of subscribers, he has everything that you can never have.

by Incognito Incognito 2 weeks ago

Albert; What the hel- did i canccled, what i do
Me: Uhh what do you say Albert?

by lucas Merelos 2 months ago

Pink_exploration: hates flamingo

Flamingo fans: SO YOU HAVE CHOSEN... DEATH

by Yeeton 5 days ago

Thing: stay strong!
Me: yes Albert, stay strong and ignore the hate. :')

by 益xVyllx益 2 months ago

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