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Flamingo photo 1 ROBLOX ALBERT / FLAMINGO SCP... Flamingo photo 2 ROBLOX ALBERT / FLAMINGO SCP... Flamingo photo 3 ROBLOX ALBERT / FLAMINGO SCP... Flamingo photo 4 ROBLOX ALBERT / FLAMINGO SCP...

Dear Albert:
I have seen you have been going under some stress lately. My friend made an edit showing someone saying your personality was trash and that you should get a life...but you don’t need to listen to them. We will stand for what’s right, and for the people that think you aren’t the most unique blister, who cares. We will always stan the brother we have been with through all those hard times of demonetization and other things. Especially now, since everyone has to stay in quarantina. Making your fan sound happy by posting every day will also stress you out, so maybe take a three day break and take good care of yourself. We will always get you through whatever you need help with. These hate comments will show up, but we always get over the people who are just jealous because of how strong and amazing you are. So stay safe, and be sure not to hurt your voice.
From, Blister of 5 million.

by C0ff33 Mug 2 months ago

Albert hater: nobody likes u

Albert fans: a r e w e a j o k e t o y o u ?

by Izzy Rem 2 weeks ago

Why would you guys hate on him he didn’t even do nothing to you guys and you can hear the pain in his voice

by _Leorio On the Oreo_ 4 days ago

Albert calls us idiots:
Person that has never watched flamingo: THATS RUDE TO HATE ON YOUR FANS
Albert fans: We have been blessed

Im sorry i copied your comment :(

by Steven Taylor 3 weeks ago

Flamingo Hater: * exist *

Flamingo fans: so you have chosen deathcapito

by Kolina James 1 day ago

Flamingo, whatever that girl or alien or thing said that on the starting on the video, we all love you, because we are your fans, the only thing and reason why we love you, is how many times you made us laugh, the only reason on how you made us laugh, if your unique personality, I'm an 11 year old, and you may think how I know this stuff, I'm not an American or anything or any other common country you know, Im from the Philippines, some of you here are Filipino too, but if most of you hate flamingo, I'm not forcing you to like him as it is, just please don't try and make Albert upset, to the point where he is depressed or so, he is a human, and don't think that he isn't and he would feel fine when you say bad thing to him and about him, he tried his best to do his videos, and to make him happy, I would really love to meet Albert even on Roblox, but I fear and know that it is impossible to do, since he won't be seeing my comment, and I'm okay with it, just respect people even Albert, if Albert sees this I am honored but he won't, anyway I am late for my guitar lessons, my teacher who would've teaching me how to play the guitar, has an ID and access to come to my house to teach me, I'll see you guys in a few minutes, peace, and have a good day ☺️

by ッZoe ofweirdnessッ 2 months ago

Flamingo hater:”nobody likes u”
Fans:”so you have chosen death”

by glc Animations 2 days ago

Albert is generally a really nice person and personally I’m a big fan. He’s lost family members and still posts for us, to make us happy. We should appreciate what he does. He dose not deserve hate. I know we all have opinions but you not need to share it to tell everyone, keep it to yourself if you really don’t like him.

by Tower of hell vids 2 weeks ago

Dear Albert and busters, we need to comfort him. He has changed since he got hate, even cried on camera. This is serious. Stop the hate!💕😊

by Robloxplayer unicorn 1 week ago

i feel so bad when he said 'did i get cancelled what did i do" i can tell he was hurting i dont understand why people hate on him he is so nice and kind yes he calls us idiots but its in a joking way and just cuz albert has more subs then ur fav youtuber does not mean u have to hate its not his fault blame us just dont hate on him he did NOTHING wrong and yes he cussed on albertsstuff but who cares he is a grown man he can do what ever he wants!

by Banu Siraci 3 weeks ago

My heart actually broke when that person in the chat was being rude to Albert, he doesn’t deserve any hate, he just tries to make people laugh, I don’t understand what’s wrong with that, Lmao

by 1k subscribers with no videos challenge 2 months ago

“Get a life”
Says the 42 year old man who is still living in his mothers basement typing the response.


Le flamgo hater: No-one likes you FlaInMingo
Flamgo's epic 6.83M fans: Are you sure about that?

by Smarty Zaakir 4 days ago

Hey noobs this man has saved my life and has never failed to make me laugh or smile and deserves no hate

by Megan Maths 1 week ago

Just Hearing the words "die Tiffany" Reminds me that my first name is a Flamingo Meme

(I got constantly Called Tiffany Miuma When It first came out ;w; I hated being called it without my consent :3)

by XxEmma HeartxX :3 2 days ago

"No one likes flamingo"

sees 59k likes and 5.6M subscribers

My mind: Suuuuurrreeee

by UwU A RANDOM PERSON 2 months ago

wait I think he said “what the hell-“
I’m not sure tell me if you heard it too

by Ennard The Great 3 weeks ago

Poor flamingo don’t make a King sad haters are the worst😔

by Raina Seese 3 days ago

Albert: * gets hate *

me and the flamingo fan base: So u have chosen... death

by • siimplyjuliee • 6 days ago

When he said-that he was trash- i was like- “>:O” bc i act ThE sAmE eXaCt WaY bEaCaUsE fLaMiNgO iS mY iNsPiRaTiOn-

by Stardust 2 weeks ago

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