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Roblox admin WOULD YOU RATHER... they didn't think it would come true

#Family #friendly #Gaming
Today I play Would You Rather with random Roblox players on Island Life!! They really had no idea I was actually gonna make it come true LOL.

Flamingo photo 1 Roblox admin WOULD YOU RATHER...... Flamingo photo 2 Roblox admin WOULD YOU RATHER...... Flamingo photo 3 Roblox admin WOULD YOU RATHER...... Flamingo photo 4 Roblox admin WOULD YOU RATHER......

credit to twitter users FrickingIm and rouge1422 for the idea

by Flamingo 1 year ago

“yes or no”

by demicore 7 months ago

Both spidermans seeing eachother: insert spiderman pointing at spiderman meme

by • Moeves • 1 month ago

Coco’s high school yearbook quote should be “OK”

by NaomiStars 1 month ago

Coco watching this: “OK”

Not trying to be mean to people called coco...

by Dark Mist 9 months ago

Random person: What hacker, Run!
proceeds to fly away

by Popular_ Trash 1 month ago

Albert: “would you rather be poor or die?” Random guy: “KILL ALL” Albert: ok

by Taryn Chandler 1 month ago

I speak Arabic and he was saying "I'll meet [someone in the server] at 9pm , ciao"

by AniWorld 1 month ago

"Everyone will now die upon Jojo's request"

Ah yes, a bizarre adventure indeed.

by eliserss 1 year ago

The 7 year old watching this: wondering why the weird 20 year old is killing his favorite superhero

by LlamaStew 3 weeks ago

"You dont write yes on a multiple choice question on a test"


by Kokoa Lovetta 1 month ago


Albert become a comeback

by Mason Barnes 1 year ago

I like how noobs say “needs bf” like it’s the medicine they need to weaken their illness. 😭💀

by CallMehKqte 1 month ago

"what! hacker! *flies away after saying that"
Me: im confused-

by CrazyMate 1 month ago

“Identity theft is not a joke Amatz!”

by __ 3 weeks ago

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