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Roblox Admin BUILD to survive LAVA RISING

#ROBLOX #Roblox admin #Flamingo admin commands #Roblox lava #Gaming
Today I use Roblox admin commands to make lava rise and give people the ability to build their own fort to try to survive it

#Roblox albert #Flamingo admin #Roblox Flamingo #Flamingo #Roblox admin commands

Flamingo photo 1 Roblox Admin BUILD to survive... Flamingo photo 2 Roblox Admin BUILD to survive... Flamingo photo 3 Roblox Admin BUILD to survive... Flamingo photo 4 Roblox Admin BUILD to survive...

“I’ll do a little warning shot”

Kills people

by ePiC GAMer 10 months ago

- a guy does floss

albert : that guy is doing hype dance as if he is safe

fortnite : are our dances so bad that u cant recognize it

by CHOCO BLOCK 1 month ago

" Alright, if your name is Mike, you-you win. "
Literally everyone named Mike watching this: " oH YaY!!! "

by clxudzy 1 week ago

Legends say Mike is still up there, waiting to win.

by Glenn Couzens 5 months ago

"I'm not calling you dumb but I'm calling you dumb."
Those.., those are some wise words.

by • C x l i q o • 3 weeks ago

that reminds me of attack on titan, when the scout members get eatin alive and screaming

by DarlingBarley 45 1 week ago

Albert: "this guy is doing the hype dance"
all of his fans sorry to say this Albert but its the floss
Albert: .....ty fans or should i say NoObs

by Kuala Snave 1 month ago

Albert: "I'll do a little warning shot"
Me: b r u h

by Mar10Josh 1 month ago

“If Tony died why can’t you?”

-Beautiful words from Albert

by Critidcal 10 months ago

albert: haha hes doing the hype dance!!!
person: doing the floss

by qin zhang 1 month ago

“Him and his child dead”

by Noah 1 month ago

“Anything that requires talent needs king bob” Breathing: Needs king bob The earth: NEEDS KINGBOB

by An Animator. 1 month ago

Video idea: With Admin, Get a ice cream truck and put music when people wanna go in get a clown and when people go in they see a clown but when the Truck comes you freeze the most close person next to the truck so they can’t move and go in (if you can do this)

by ɢᴀᴄʜᴀ ʟɪғᴇ ғᴀɴ 2 days ago

Use roblox admin to open a hat store where all the hats do weird things like make you uncontrollably float or change your size drastically (like so Albert can see)

by SpiralZeus02 - 10 months ago

idea for paradise life: put a teleporter on a bed so that whenever someone tries to sleep they get taken to a dream area with clouds and unicorns then slowly make it the worst nightmare they will ever have. Like so Albert can see

Copy and paste this so albert can see credit:Domenico Florentio

by Onix Familia 1 month ago

idea: spawn a hoard of zombies and give people swords and spawn more powerful zombies

by Anonymous Blogger 3 weeks ago

Every time when Albert says hey sisters he’s thinking about James Chorlos?

by Ellie Moo 1 week ago

Guy: Does Floss
Albert: Hes Hyping

by Memer Max 1 month ago

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