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Paying Roblox NOOBS for their BABY

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Today I play Roblox Adopt Me and I buy people's babies for Adopt Me ultra rare pets!

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Flamingo photo 1 Paying Roblox NOOBS for their... Flamingo photo 2 Paying Roblox NOOBS for their... Flamingo photo 3 Paying Roblox NOOBS for their... Flamingo photo 4 Paying Roblox NOOBS for their...

no one:
Flamingo: Let's buy some children today

by Roblox Fam 1 year ago

Albert when he gets scammed: *laughs*
Me when I get scammed: *cries*

by Da Penguingirl 3 months ago

“What will you do to the child?”

Albert:” e a t i t”

by Muichirou Tokita 5 months ago

i just like to imagine albert’s parents watching these videos and being like: umm... O_o

by s o f i a 3 months ago

“Nobody likes me, but I have a lot of money.” -Albert

by Chase Wojnowski 5 months ago

I love how Albert’s recording room is just full of styrofoam and mannequin corpses

by The Chaos God 1 year ago

Me: laughing my head off*
My parents: ok when do we send her to the asylum?

by Brooke Terry 5 months ago

Albert: GIvE Me YOUr BAbY, NoW!
1 min later:
Also Albert: Hey, can I join your family?

by Alex Lam 4 months ago

Alternate title: Giving people pet's for their kids so I can eat them.

by bfdmanz4lyf 3 months ago

This is how I will read “ABC” on Adopt Me from now on

by I luv Dragons 5 months ago

Casually screaming at the fact that Albert is getting himself scammed on purpose.

by FoxiiFluff 4 months ago

random girl selling her child: what will you do with it?
albert: what do you think
albert in head: D E S T R O Y T H E C H I L D

by Just Fin 3 months ago

Year 2017: Adopting Children
Year 2020: Trading Children

by Gacha Trap 1 month ago

Albert: “My Beautiful child”
a few seconds later
Albert: “I don’t have a child right now”

by Adalynn Okerson 5 months ago

Still nobody:
Albert: has dead maniquin heads and corpses on floor

by yeetsforlifesss rblx 5 months ago

When he said “the spies are after me,” it was said by mattiscool244. He’s my friend in roblox.... he’s a bot watching me 😰

by XxLuluLovexX 5 months ago

When the girl who scammed Albert watches this she’s gonna wanna die

by Chocolate_waffles 3 months ago

someone in the chat: “a b c”
albert: “abaca”

by Alison Lardieri 6 months ago

No one:

not even a single soul

Albert: "Abaca"

by Sofiyya Irdina 2 months ago

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