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Nobody found my Roblox character attractive...

Flamingo photo 1 Nobody found my Roblox character... Flamingo photo 2 Nobody found my Roblox character... Flamingo photo 3 Nobody found my Roblox character... Flamingo photo 4 Nobody found my Roblox character...

me when i realize that albert is slowly going into adult humor more: ๐Ÿ˜

bruh all these 10 year olds are pressed its a joke

by Grace Carlson 4 months ago

The way Albert said cake sounded so adorable and innocent

by KianVR 2 months ago

Albert in every game: โ€œhow do u get guns in this game?โ€
Thanks for all the likes :))

by Hannah f 1 month ago

i want a 10 hour version of this

by Dishwasher 2 months ago

America itself: Ew.
Albert: WHYYY

by Michelle 2 months ago

Albert hit puberty backwards I swear. His voice has became higher pitched since albertsstuff for sure.

by Locoz 4 months ago

Girl: I only date peiple over six feet
The tall noob: hi im seven feet
Girl: eww

by GrimStuffz 1 month ago

Albert: Hmm yes, Yessica is your name.

Me: Sounds familiar...

by Bts UwU 1 month ago

"As you can see, I've already cooked up some cake"
lmao I'm dead

by puddiingy 1 month ago

No one really gives actual credit to paige. So if your seeing this Paige you rule and thank you :D

by Lilith Imaginations 4 months ago

Paige at the end of the vid: Obama awarding himself

by Kesi loves keso 1 month ago

Whenever Albert canโ€™t pronounce a word: I S T H A T A D I S E A S E?

(No hate towards Albert......heโ€™s a cool dude)

by SUSHIII GURL 1 month ago

Absolutely no one:
Not a single soul:
Roleplayers:*epicly hits and bites then doges while kicking man*

by Kanha Keighron-Charles 1 month ago

Alberts first thoughts when joining a game:


by Best Friend 4 months ago

me:but your a noodle-

by Morgan Arias 1 month ago

. The first part of being a sun screen eater then they evole Edit 2 LIKES WOW THX

by Atom Moran 1 month ago

I was having a laugh attack when I saw this and when he said โ€œPublic toilets โ€œ - And everything else is so funny

by Yezmin Fernandez 1 month ago

they tryed to put me on the cover of vouge but leggs were toooooo long every day is leg day

by Samantha alsop 1 month ago

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