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Nobody found my Roblox character attractive...

Flamingo photo 1 Nobody found my Roblox character... Flamingo photo 2 Nobody found my Roblox character... Flamingo photo 3 Nobody found my Roblox character... Flamingo photo 4 Nobody found my Roblox character...

I love how albert's first thought when he gets mad is: how do i get guns in this game?

by Shaneger Things 1 months ago

Albert: Iโ€™m in hell
Everyone else: WAIT THATS ILLEGAL!!!!!

by Mr. Chill Chance! 3 weeks ago

No one:
No one at all:
Albert: rips up your stupid drawing .... 5 seconds later best friends now

by M and k adventures 113 4 weeks ago

Every game Albert plays: HoW dO yOu GeT a GuN?!?!

the games: ThErE iS nO gUn

by Amanda T 3 weeks ago

Idea for paradise life: put a teleporter on a bed so that whenever someone tries to sleep they get taken to a dream area with clouds and unicorns then slowly make it the worst nightmare they will ever have. Like so Albert can see
Copy and paste this so Albert can see. Credit: Domenico Florentio

by XxStrawber_RhixX 1 months ago

Itโ€™s cooking class and Iโ€™ve already cooked up some cake.

Laughs in thick

by Najimullah Hamid 3 weeks ago

Me when I saw the second character: HELLA THICCC.

by Family Channel 4 weeks ago

Flamingo copy's Kaden voice: you never seen him like this before

Yeah he Sayed that

by Juan Rodriguez 3 weeks ago

this is how many times Albert has asked โ€œhow do you get guns in this gameโ€

by bro0kie 1 months ago

Its kinda dumb when kids curse and they think its cool they think like this: "OoOoH i CuRsEd Im So CoOoL"

by Mil Mi-24 2 days ago

i love how people are mentioning sangwoo in the game but no one has talked about craig tucker lol

by aurora 3 weeks ago

A camera shake is enough we donโ€™t need anything technical

by xScryptix 2 weeks ago

โ€I already cooked up some cake...โ€
-Albert 2020

by Candy Cadet 1 weeks ago

Albert hit puberty backwards I swear. His voice has became higher pitched since albertsstuff for sure.

by O F F L I N E 1 months ago

I love how no one notices that someone dressed up as sangwoo

by Angelina T 2 days ago

at i just died laughing when he remember that dang head smack moment xD

by Napami 2account. 3 weeks ago

I've just noticed that the person in the back, that is wearing blue, is dressed up as Craig Tucker from South Park.

by Apolonia Campuzano 1 weeks ago

How my family makes me feel when they say I have long legs:

by Mya Marie 2 weeks ago

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