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My weird Roblox avatar made people VERY UNCOMFORTABLE...

#Albert #Robloxian High School #friendly #Roblox funny moments #Gaming
today i become Earth worm sally the new character in my mind that haunts my mind lol. Now it is stuck in your mind. Robloxian high school will never be the same.

#Roblox RHS #Roblox troll #ROBLOX #Flamingo #RHS Troll #Roblox funny #Family #Roblox avatar

Flamingo photo 1 My weird Roblox avatar made... Flamingo photo 2 My weird Roblox avatar made... Flamingo photo 3 My weird Roblox avatar made... Flamingo photo 4 My weird Roblox avatar made...

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by Flamingo 2 years ago

Itโ€™s EARthworM SAlly , caRING disESES from FLORIDa to CALI
FLorida to CALI
from Florida to Cali
Earth worm sally,
Flying through the air
Iโ€™m a earthworm,
BUT I DONT rlly care
Iโ€™m a barber
Iโ€™ll do ur hair

full song by Albert

1 like makes 1 worm:


by CheseyPlay 11 months ago

I'm going to show this to my children one day and tell them that we're still waiting for the EP Earthworm Sally album to come out.

by Sydney Athans 1 month ago

I refuse to believe this was created two years ago...

by L U X 1 week ago

The beginning of the legend E A R T H W O R- M S A L L Y

by Jovany_playz 1 month ago

โ€œhi, Iโ€™m SaLlYโ€

by Ashleigh W 2 weeks ago

"Earthworm Sally, carrying diseases from Florida to Caliiii."

me living in Florida: oh no

by jad 8 months ago

I can't hear out of my left earphone I think this has something to do with that....

by BattleSpanker 1 month ago

This video was made almost 2 years ago but yet i still love this horific earthworm named "Sally"

by The official baconhair 1 week ago

โ€œEarthworm sally carries 3 different diseases can you guess what they are?โ€


by MrSoddd 1 day ago

well, we know who started it now

by Cailin R. 4 weeks ago

This is how many people wanted the full song

by Skippy 6 months ago

Legend says the Mr Foot has now been perished.

by Ems 2 weeks ago

Lol this is a random story but me and my friends were acting mental ( as usual) and we asked our teacher can u play the earthworm sally theme song but she searched it on netflix bc we were about to watch a movie lol but we told her that itโ€™s on YouTube and she put it on and it was hilarious๐Ÿ˜‚, now everytime I hear the song I remember that hehe ๐Ÿคฃโœจ

by Grace Murphy 1 month ago

earth worm sally, carrying deseases from florida to cali, wins all the boys, at games of hockey

by JeffDreemurrYT 1 month ago

Earth worm sally carried the coronavirus from Florida to Cali actually..

by yessir 10 months ago

Still waiting for that full version of the earth worm sally theme song. Itโ€™s been two years, Albert, you liar.

by Cursed Teeshuert 1 month ago

Iโ€™m still waiting for the full Earth Worm Sally song

by Sarah Garthwaite 3 weeks ago

bless you, earthworm sally. we hope you dont get stepped on๐Ÿฅฒ

by Ndeye Ndiaye 6 days ago

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