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Making Roblox NOOBS vote for eachother (they thought I was ADMIN)

#Flamingo #Roblox survivor #Roblox survivor troll #Roblox troll #Gaming
Today I dressed up as JEFF from Roblox Survivor and I actually tricked someone into thinking I was the real Host of the show and tried to get people to vote eachother off!

#Roblox eviction notice #friendly #Roblox flamingo #ROBLOX #Family

Flamingo photo 1 Making Roblox NOOBS vote for... Flamingo photo 2 Making Roblox NOOBS vote for... Flamingo photo 3 Making Roblox NOOBS vote for... Flamingo photo 4 Making Roblox NOOBS vote for...

Albert,you should do that you make a account with the name "me" then go into survivor and if anyone says to vote out you they will say "vote out me" and they get voted out because of a misunderstanding..
Leave a like so flamingo can see.

by Ma 8 months ago

The bot Jeff:
Albert: enters this game
Bot Jeff: This is even not you house.

by Who? Nobody. 5 months ago

Albert: High school isn't that great.
Robloxian High School: Hold my books.

by Joyce 6 months ago

Flamingo: "*Yeah look at all these chat bubbles. All of those are just arguments.*"

LaLunaTheGecko: "*Calm down guys*"

Me: Yep, seems about right.

by Addyson Loman 5 months ago

Oh it's a shame how after this vid when he had to use a different hat ugc came out and then they came out with a plain white cap

by Amanda T 5 months ago

*Me intensely screaming at my phone saying GET THE CHILL HAT

by ARRW JediZ 3 months ago

Before I watched this vid I was literally texting to my friend about how I hate high school and wish I could go back to primary. Apparently the people in this vid agree

by Chloe Beetson 6 months ago

in the right thereโ€™s an ad for weird pregnancy cravings XD

by A Random Weirdo 4 months ago

Imagine if everyone copied him and dressed up like Jeff and then thereโ€™s a whole server of jeffs

by cherish roblox 1 year ago

I remember I was playing paradise life and out of the middle of nowhere someone had a gun and started shooting and I said is flamingo here

by Olivia Lipscomb 4 months ago

Me: Watching this vid
Dis dude saying that he hates his life

by mochii_bubblesq 4 months ago

Albert: I can start argue ments

Albert again in 1 year: I can start war

by Savage Gamer 3 months ago

Jeff: Jeff.

i do not understand these god-like words.

by Concerning Cards 10 months ago

In the finals I saw Jeffโ€™s legs cuz I attacked him(he has pants on)

by XxCloudvibesxX 5 months ago

Hey Albert my birthday was June 3 and it was so much fun especially cause my theme was flamingo ๐Ÿคช

by Leilanii Ruiz 5 months ago

Albert: Hey Sisters

Me: Imedialetly thinks of James Charles

Edit:Omg thank you so much for 64 likes I've never even gotten more the 3 likes!!

by Gali Osegueda 6 months ago

No one:
Not a sole:
Alberts group: *half of me is fans and more of me is my weird accounts*

by Nuggetgamer x X 4 months ago

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