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Making Roblox noobs play AMONG US with ADMIN COMMANDS

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Today I play Roblox life in paradise and stuff where I have admin commands in and I make people play Among Us by giving one person a knife and the option to vote that person out lol
big smelly bloody sweaty diarrhea
adam was here

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Flamingo photo 1 Making Roblox noobs play AMONG... Flamingo photo 2 Making Roblox noobs play AMONG... Flamingo photo 3 Making Roblox noobs play AMONG... Flamingo photo 4 Making Roblox noobs play AMONG...

Here's an idea: Make a massive maze in the server. Though, this maze HAS no end. You can tell the people in the server that they will get free admin / money if they escape. but since the maze has no end, they will be wasting all of their time trying to escape

Please like so Albert will see the idea.

by iSkritzZ 1 month ago

idea: make an ad that says "New to roblox? Click here to learn the basics!" and then make the game teach them how to fail in every way possible.

by The Emerald Pikachu 4 weeks ago

Every time Albert pronounces random lettered usernames i literally die of laughter

by Jasper Acuña 1 month ago

Albert, playing animal crossing: “I’ll update in like another 5 days”

5 days —> 7 months

by Sleepy Killua 1 month ago

Albert: says something horrible
Then him realizing what he did: IN GAME

by Shelby Roblox 1 month ago

i love how albert just does the most weirdest and questionable things and yet we love him for it

by taenysus 1 month ago

U should mute everyone so they can’t tell who the imposter is because it’s like snitching

by shena ashdown 1 month ago

MrFlimFlam: You're the imposter

Me: Pulls out the pizza and eats

by Good Night 1 month ago

Flamingo: This guy looks depressed let's give him a reason for it
Everyone else: Applause

by InnerDemons_Daily 1 week ago

Me: **Telling some inappropriate joke in class when the teacher isn't there

Teacher: comes back to us

Me: So h- sees the teacher ()

by Xinø 1 month ago

Idea: Flamingo should play Deathnote (based off the anime).

Its like flicker and murder mystery but also has some other game modes, one shinigamis game where a shingigami has to hunt all the sinners. If the sinner is killed they turn into a shinigami.

by SaintAlf 1 month ago

Sonic kills everyone
Witness: Hmm... maybe Sonic? Possibly he’s a tiny little bit sus maybe?

by Dolphin Plays 4 weeks ago

No one:
Not one soul ever:
Albert: chomping on Mickey Mouse

by Shirley Guzman 4 weeks ago

The grammar people have in every game he comes across is beyond terrible

by Vertexbeast 1 month ago

It took Among Us 2 years just to get famous- That’s sad bro. Albert just made them more famous. They should thank him.

by Robux QUEEN UwU 1 day ago

Albert: bites foam head

Me: why is he like this

by Noelle Netz 1 day ago

Albert- Start role playing then get a "wife" and turn into a monster at points in time but turn back and act like nothing happened. Like so Albert can see.

by Bob Ramen 1 month ago

Flamingo: still gonna do the among us game with my friends
(Checks his friends)
Flamingo:realizes he has none and has to play with fans

by matiboi13 1 month ago

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