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Making Roblox NOOBS go back to the beginning of the obby...

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game: https://www.roblox.com/games/4237861040/Treacherous-Tower-10M-Visits
Today I play treacherous tower on Roblox which is a game like tower of heck but you can reset people if you're the third one to finish the tower... so I make that my entire goal.

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Flamingo photo 1 Making Roblox NOOBS go back... Flamingo photo 2 Making Roblox NOOBS go back... Flamingo photo 3 Making Roblox NOOBS go back... Flamingo photo 4 Making Roblox NOOBS go back...

I love how Albert is like “YESSSSSSS” when they fall hahahahaha

by Itz_sof 2 days ago

I have a video idea: Go into Bloxburg and make a museum of 'art' then choose a victims and spy on them. Take several screenshots of them and make them decals and put them in your museum, invite the victim over and see their reaction.

by fairybliss 10 months ago

albert: " live in Florida!"
albert fans: Roses are red, Silent as a mouse. You're door is unlocked. I'm inside your house.

by Brody Simpson 4 weeks ago


by winnie 6 days ago

"I've truly done something great today."
violently murders 2 innocent people

by doublec squared 5 days ago

When Albert is happy: sister

When Albert is mad: brother

by Michelle Yeung 2 months ago

Albert: “I’m the smartest man in the world.”
Albert 2 seconds later: falls NOOOOOOOO

by Clara Afton 4 weeks ago

Albert:yoinks when he jumps*
When I play:RGhaaAArghew

by Luna112 2 weeks ago

Albert's impression of those pig noises in "Survival the Peppa the Pig" games

by Cinnamonmouse 10 months ago

I actually broke my phone screen while playing Treachorus Tower-

by alixsha 2 months ago

Be honest, we could’ve all been in the same server with Albert without even knowubf

by {Kaÿlaš Lifë} 1 day ago

Flamingo:'Im the smartest man in the world!'.

by Ishrat Zia Meer 2 months ago

Most people: "Tower of hell"
Youtubers : "Tower of HECK

by Bakusquad 4Lxfe! 7 months ago

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