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Looking at Roblox’s rules then breaking them

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TODay Kaden and I play Roman games and mess around and have a lot of fun and I love him because he’s my friend kaden if you’re reading this you rock

Flamingo photo 1 Looking at Roblox’s rules then... Flamingo photo 2 Looking at Roblox’s rules then... Flamingo photo 3 Looking at Roblox’s rules then... Flamingo photo 4 Looking at Roblox’s rules then...

Albert before: NO ONLINE DATING

Albert now: *online dates kaden*

by Green Crewmate 1 month ago

Albert : “Imma get the emojis ready

Me : Ah, how the Romans fought in the midevil times

by *•Loading •* 1 month ago

Albert: this sign can’t stop me because I can’t read

by Peewee Kaleb 1 month ago

Game: "Crossdressing is illegal"
Everyone hated that

by Polocatfan 1 month ago

"I complements it because I'm complementing you saying your kinda hot-"


b a b e

by Glxssy Axsthetic 1 month ago

We not gonna talk about how wholesome alberts description is? No? Okay-

by epic noob 1 month ago


*Soviet anthem starts playing*

by juzt_avg Gayming 1 month ago

I'm currently studying Rome and I can confirm they say bruh.

by The Wired Weirdo 1 month ago

Albert: Looks like we are gonna get scammed.

Also Albert: let's steal his items.

by ulndia 1 month ago

Albert: OnLiNe dAtE iS bAd... BIG BAD

Albert Now: Let's online date

by Katie YT 1 month ago

Everyone: woah breaking Roman rules

Me: since when did Albert make 16 minute videos?

by Noah X 1 month ago

"Only people who didn't come from tiktok are worthy of liking this"

by HotBistroGaming 1 month ago

Anyone notice how the rules said "Crossdressing"

by Plutanican 1 month ago

Title: "Looking at Roblox’s rules then breaking them"
Me: So... whats new?
Flamingo: Title...? I guess

by Legged Knight 1 month ago

Albert and Kaden: breaking rules
The noob: steals the man’s stuff without getting noticed

by Chara Dreemurr 1 day ago

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