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If 100 Roblox players don't press the button for 5mins; they get robux

#roblox challenge #roblox #roblox robux #robux #Gaming
Again, don't go to any free robux games ever because they will not work, this game was up for like 30mins total. But yeah basically don't press the button for 5 mins and everyone in the server gets robux
Join this dev group they're coming out with a game soon woo https://www.roblox.com/groups/8073112

#roblox flamingo #Flamingo funny #flamingo

Flamingo photo 1 If 100 Roblox players don't... Flamingo photo 2 If 100 Roblox players don't... Flamingo photo 3 If 100 Roblox players don't... Flamingo photo 4 If 100 Roblox players don't...

No joke, Albert be looking fabulous in that outfit. Like, I want that jacket.

by Kristen Heitz 2 months ago

idea for paradise life: put a teleporter on a bed so that whenever someone tries to sleep they get taken to a dream area with clouds and unicorns then slowly make it the worst nightmare they will ever have. Like so Albert can see
Copy and paste this so albert can see credit: Domenico Florentio this isnt mine

by mary grace quibin 2 months ago

The dislikes are the people who didnt get robux in the game

by THE REAL STEVE 2 months ago

I searched up Flamingo/Albert on safari apparently flamingo โ€œdiedโ€ interesting I guess his ghost is uploading...

by ChocoSmores 2 months ago

Idea: Start up a zoo business in life in paradise and when they enter, ask them if they want to work there. If they agree, jail them and put them on display as an animal.
send this on instagram and his twitter so he will see this.
some people are saying he did this in bloxburg but he didn't because no one was watching and it was a museum and not a zoo and he did not have admin.

by Karam Lenin Swaiss 2 months ago

It's like the new year's eve count down. But better.

by Tiago Montiel 2 months ago

"if you watch someone die, is you bad?" on a serious note, if you weren't a victim, rather just a spectator, yes, absolutely. That's why Red Rooms are illegal. But witnessing a murder and not saying anything to the authorities does make you an accomplice to the murder.

by MaintainYourInsanity 2 months ago

my heart was pounding idk why tho lol

by 24k_CAND 2 months ago

Flamingo: donโ€™t press the button
Everyone: pressโ€™s button
Button screamโ€™s in pain

by Snake be like 2 months ago

There are more bots here than the hashtags you get when trying to say โ€œokโ€ in roblox

by Lyla the pirate Fox 2 months ago

Bruh im still in school waiting to get picked up- and im still sittin' here watchin' youtube

by AUBREY TYNES 2 months ago

Albert: Don't trust me either

Yeah, we learned that the hard way

by Allie Nicholas 1 month ago

I actually never realised how good Albert looks in a leather jacket until I saw this

by The Disturbing Panda 2 months ago

These countdowns are even crazier than when pewds reached 100 mil subs

by Issivi 2 months ago

When Albert said if you watch someone die that makes you a bad person he said it like he had experience

by J. Russell Polakovic 2 months ago

Omg flamingo I just dreamed that I was in my school then I found you and like I was omg iam going to get the phone and take a pic with him then my friend came to me and said to me come down quick flamingo will go and then i got the phone then my friend said to me he left and then I woke up from this dream then I asked my sister what is the time rn she said to me its 1 pm and then I said ro her put my phone in the charger quik iam gonna be late on my classes lol ๐Ÿ˜†

by NonoPlayz 2 months ago

imagine if albert had admin commands in real life ๐Ÿ’€

by tia pizzino 1 month ago

Remember that one thing, when real people used to fill comments up, not bots. Pfft good olโ€™ days.

by lexie 2 months ago

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