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I wore a ROBLOX BUSH to hide from EVERYONE...

#friendly #Family #Gaming
shrub: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/4771536301/SHRUB
BOX on a box: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/4771555241/BOX-ON-A-BOX
BOX: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/4753195371/BOX
Today I become a bush in Roblox and I hide in MM2 games. This actually worked pretty well, it's more noticeable than

Flamingo photo 1 I wore a ROBLOX BUSH... Flamingo photo 2 I wore a ROBLOX BUSH... Flamingo photo 3 I wore a ROBLOX BUSH... Flamingo photo 4 I wore a ROBLOX BUSH...

"I want so many rubox"
"I want many rubleeks"
"you can give ranblocks"
"you give how many ramdarns'
"for how many ronblocks"

I laughed so hard

by Ysabelle Lazaga 1 month ago

walks weirdly
I. Died.

by Foolzis 3 weeks ago

Speaking of scamming robux, I got a warning for saying robux, and im gonna print it and hang it on my wall

by MisterMac193 WOW 1 month ago

"From the creators of the Box"

It's roddy rich

by รฆ 10 months ago

If ur gonna scam people atleast spell robux correctly

Subtitles: roebucks

by Lil Justin 4 weeks ago

I Was Watching This Video At 2am And When He Said "iS tHat FlaMinGo!?!" I Was Like๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜‚

by SammyThe StrawberryOfficial 2 months ago

LOL I Laughed So Hard That I Uploaded A Short Clip Of This Part

by Cheesy Televison 2 months ago

Flamingo: So few people will recognise me
Me in Malaysia who knows English: U joking me???

by Jess _ 1 day ago

"This is not a safe spot..."
He moves to the opposite side
Me: He's a genius, a true genius

Gosh, Thanks for the likes!

by Chloe Tigress 10 months ago

when someone sees something interesting but didnt know it

by Bleep Man 1 month ago

:flamingo we need to do some research
Also flamingo: gets it first try

by Big happy Egg 1 week ago

ALBERT! When you use the โ€œdabโ€ emote in murder mystery, your character freezes and wonโ€™t move, this will stop it from swinging around! MAKE SURE ALBERT SEES THIS !!!

Thank you for 10k likes lol. Never gotten that much Ily <3

by IngridK 10 months ago

Andy's coming!

by MiniTune 1 day ago

70.pecent of my friends watch you and we're filipino

by Felly Darwin 1 month ago

Albert I think thereโ€™s a reason why they try to โ€œmake you dieโ€ cause they think they can go through and hide

by BaconPaint 1 week ago

"because they are non-english people and they don't watch me"

-Laughs in Serbian

by SamiTheAnxiousBean 10 months ago

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