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I wore a ROBLOX BOX and NO ONE could find me...

#Flamingo troll #ROBLOX #Flamingo #Roblox Flamingo #Gaming
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Today I play Roblox MM2 and I completely hide myself in a box and it works sooooo well with hiding from people you'll never lose unless they see this video lol

#Roblox funny moments #Roblox funny #Roblox troll #Roblox box

Flamingo photo 1 I wore a ROBLOX BOX... Flamingo photo 2 I wore a ROBLOX BOX... Flamingo photo 3 I wore a ROBLOX BOX... Flamingo photo 4 I wore a ROBLOX BOX...

Who else loves flamingo and really wants to be friends with him

by Royale_Lamaki!!! 6 months ago

imagine how much anxiety this gave him when everyone kept walking past him

by Kuromi 2 weeks ago

“ Ellzd is actually really cool, she introduced me to the person who makes my thumbnails, so claps “ AKA Polarcub

by Hey I know that hotdog 1 week ago

Albert: * saying city life women is the skinniest torso *

Skelly torso: am I a joke to you?

by RhylanIsDone 4 days ago

Albert: good thing he doesn’t know I exist
Me: just like high school!

by [REDACTED] toast 2 days ago

POV: Florida man disguised as a box in a childrens game is screaming for 11 minutes.

by juno 10 months ago

Flamingo:This is the worst spot

Murderer:*walks past him*


by noob cool 1 month ago

Me saw this vid...

Me in mm2 after I watch
“Throwing knifes at things”

by Rosejean Solibaga 1 month ago

I don’t like when anyone gives us hints like what are they:(

by Giovana Ferrufino 1 week ago

Island life idea: pretend to be an old man preaching about the apocalypse, then make it happen

by SuperZ963 Plays 10 months ago

i love how albert isnt so scared of watching his videos while i used to upload some i used to become so scared of clicking on it-

by maddie 1 day ago

This video should’ve been called “The People Of Murder Mystery”

The only category is “Stupid Noob”

by Craig Rowley 1 week ago

"hey you b- hey theres a box here 'spits' yep thats a box"

by Alexander Alex 3 days ago

I love how albert makes different noises Imao.

by Jan U. 2 weeks ago

“There probably in kahoots”
Me: 👁👄👁
Also me: O K

by SuTartProz 2 weeks ago

flamingo: says there all in kahoots
me: not even close bud

by jonas reid 1 day ago

When I saw the brown charming ponytail hair on I was like: “That should be named Monika ponytail.

by XXxCookie_BearxX 2 days ago

Albert, when someone dies- they can spectate you, then you’ll get caught-

by rare noobs. 23 hours ago

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