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I was too fat to be a Roblox cheerleader...

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Today I go to Roblox cheerleading games and I actually found some people who were really incredible and coordinated with their group and I stan them!
Play my gymnasium https://www.roblox.com/games/5765422052

Flamingo photo 1 I was too fat to... Flamingo photo 2 I was too fat to... Flamingo photo 3 I was too fat to... Flamingo photo 4 I was too fat to...

Ah yes....my favourite dance move....

S u i c i d e I n t o W a s h i n g M a c h i n e

by IceeMicey 1 month ago

“tu chi sei” means: “who are you”
“dimmi il tuo nome” means: “tell me your name”

by Mσσηlιgнт¡ 1 month ago

Why is no one talking about how cute Albert's shirt is at the beginning

by brandoncoolgamer 1 month ago

Idea for paradise life: put a teleporter on a bed so that whenever someone tries to sleep they get taken to a dream area with clouds and unicorns then slowly make it the worst nightmare they will ever have.
Like so Albert can see

Copy and paste this so Albert can see
Credit: Domenico Florentio :)

by iLike NoodlesXD 1 month ago

“im doing the worm”

by MidCanYeet 1 month ago

I'm a worker from RCO and I just wanted to tell you guys that we are a big fan of Flamingo! Thank you for visiting, hope you had a good time!<3 - Rim

by danny 1 month ago

Fun Fact: Tu chi sei means “Who are you” in Italian

by Rainbow Suki 1 month ago

Checkmarks: Hippoty Hoppity this comment section is now our property

by Rosy Lagoon 1 month ago

when you realized flamingo said an italian sentence

by qtxz 1 month ago

Flamingo: " I have a gun "
Girl: " Still no. "
Flamingo: " That mostly works. "

by P1nky. C0w 1 month ago

“Stuck wetter Nomura scarf Moynahan”

Girl, your english is more broken than the economy during the Great Depression

by Dem0n 1 month ago

this part REALLY reminded me of AlbertsStuff. Loved this part.

by The Man Guy 1 month ago

Remember when Sonic the Hedgehog came to this gym and beat all of the NOOBS

by L.N. Films 1 month ago

They must be so imbarrest when they realised its you.

by Deliciously 1 month ago

Everyone in this game: doing backflips and all the cool moves
Me: tries but breaks bones.

by Clair Z 1 month ago

albert: we are all bugs trying to escape a room
others: in gay

by Ellnate 1 month ago

random girl: 3 2 1
everybody:( does a handspring)
albert: OpEn CoNdOm StYlE

by Milah Litteral 3 weeks ago

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