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I was an impostor in their Roblox group lol

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Today I go to military simulator on Roblox and I mess around yet with the spy tool! I had a ton of fun recording this one lol
play: https://www.roblox.com/games/2988554876

Flamingo photo 1 I was an impostor in... Flamingo photo 2 I was an impostor in... Flamingo photo 3 I was an impostor in... Flamingo photo 4 I was an impostor in...

"You need to look in the mirror and have a better mindset of yourself." -Mr. Big Basket 2020 Always making us feel better about ourselfs

by Kemper Gaming 1 month ago

"Opinion on sonic the movie?"

"Opinion on things?"

*Dies an honorable death*

by LilEeyore 1 month ago

“Onion on the printer” sounds like a Lemon Demon song

by Shrivvlez 1 month ago

"The Red Army"

eddsworld vietnam flashback intesify

by RandomDoodRBLX 1 month ago

flamingo: kills the soldiers
me: he has a point they weren't social distancing

by Sergio Sosa 1 month ago

"money cant buy happiness but it can buy pain for others"

by ElNub_ 1 month ago

“So eat a brick dude”

shows cat eating a CARDBOARD box

by Cue Cue 4 weeks ago

everyone else's humor:
poop jokes

Albert's humor:

by Goose 1 month ago

"Opinion on sonic the movie?"
flamingo made my eyebrows stuck from laughter,he's the actual imposter

by D.E.P Block 1 month ago

"Opinion on premier?"

"It sucks"

Shoots violently

by 2kbrxkenhxrts 1 month ago

"Opinion on the premier"
"Opinion on the pirahna"
"Opinion on the platypus"
"Opinion on the premire
of sonic the movie"
"Opinion on things"

by ellxie 1 month ago

so I just joined that game and I told a person:
"hey, wanna be like me and have robux?"
and he said: "scamming"
I said: "then buy robux if you want to."
then he reported me for scamming.

by Cybernetic Player 1 month ago

Flamingo: Hey man, I'm you but from the future

Other Guy: If I die your ded

Other Guy: * Dies*

Flamingo: Also Dies

by Impressive Gamer 1 month ago

I love the way he impersonates everyone it’s hilarious get’s me every time 😂😂

by bluxiiee 1 month ago

Me: sees the word impostor in the videos names
Also me: A M O N G U S

by Yen 1 month ago

me: checks description

Game: League of Legends

me: what the heck?

by static gameplays 1 month ago

“Opinion on opinion??”
“Hmm..Seems good pass”

by Sunnxflowwr 3 weeks ago

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