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I used Roblox admin to make a DISTURBING APOCALYPSE

#Flamingo #Roblox albert #Roblox admin #Roblox admin commands #Gaming
Today I used Roblox admin commands to spawn these creepy shadow demons all around the map

#ROBLOX #Roblox flamingo #Flamingo admin

Flamingo photo 1 I used Roblox admin to... Flamingo photo 2 I used Roblox admin to... Flamingo photo 3 I used Roblox admin to... Flamingo photo 4 I used Roblox admin to...

My best friend introduced me to flamingo a week ago and I’ve been addicted ever since

by Esme Charlton 5 months ago

Albert: “Sometimes I Feel Bad for The Things I Do”
Isn’t That Illegal???

by Allison B. 3 months ago

Everyone: Wow this is so freakyyy this is scarryy
Me: Is Flamingo a voice actor?

by kmuhlner 3 months ago

She's trying to hide inside her house, thats cute

-Flamingo 2020

by Angela Froehlich 1 month ago

Albert: "I practice to sound like a baby"

by real jfk 11 months ago

"turn off my face can for a second do I actually sound like a baby" "MaMa"

by hayyman2020 gaming 2 months ago

"That's like saying my dead cat ran across my keyboard"

by stupid guy 1 month ago

Teacher: name a unnatural disaster. Billy: rising lava. Addy: extinction! Me: when FLAMGO comes to life and paradise.

by Michael Kirby 1 month ago

POV: you’re reading this in your mind

by Kylo Ben 1 month ago

Wait, I didn’t know Albert actually practiced his voice acting. Good job Albert. We respect the hustle.

by Sonia Spitz 6 months ago

Albert: *Turns the time to night*
Albert again: Lets make this a little foggy day
*Turns it foggy*

by Potato 6 days ago

Me: Gets Add of “Pick Biden” and his mission too save America.
Albert: Give you kill

by Dessami Playzz 2 months ago

albert:sound like a baby says it 30 times a day ''MAMA''
albert again:its a bad habit

by Kelvin Ofosu-Konadu 2 months ago

Your a ginues

by Maria S 3 weeks ago

once albert is in ur server you know you’re not safe.

by steve harvey 11 months ago

Does anyone remember before there was an admin command with a ice cream truck that would kidnap you and take you with clowns in it.

by ØAmyØ ØBadleyØ 1 month ago

“The difference is it’s dark and scary”

by Dart animations 3 weeks ago

When Albert said “my dead cat just ran across my keyboard”, I got chills.

by KylerKhaos 6960 1 month ago

I would pay real money to find out the “im so rich” guy’s username

by Flaming Skull 1 month ago

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