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I used Roblox ADMIN to give NOOBS a JOB

#Roblox albert #Family #friendly #Roblox hotel #Gaming
Thanks Luxy Hotels, https://www.roblox.com/games/2910313223/NEW-Luxy-Hotels-V3/
Today I was given admin commands at a Roblox hotel and I use this power to hire other players and give random people admin and see what they do with it.

#Roblox flamingo #Roblox admin commands #Roblox admin #ROBLOX #no swearing #no cursing

Flamingo photo 1 I used Roblox ADMIN to... Flamingo photo 2 I used Roblox ADMIN to... Flamingo photo 3 I used Roblox ADMIN to... Flamingo photo 4 I used Roblox ADMIN to...

When Albert said "FEEL THE POWER! FEEL IT!"

You know man?

I felt that

by Mariah S 1 year ago

Savargenard actually just joined when Albert made this video

by Lazy Guy321 4 months ago

I have recording!
Flamingo: they’ll fire me
The owner: eh... I don’t care kill her for all I care.

by nevitsDJ22 5 months ago

I think he’s getting a little too into this game

by SANS 5 months ago

They are like: say hello to Youtube with 15 subs (she felling so proud of her self)

Albert: mmmm say hello to my youtube with 6 millions of subscribers ._.

by •Amara Chan• 5 months ago

“I’m recording”

Ohhhh, you have no idea.

by ChillaXChu 11 months ago

A Worker: “Say Hello to YouTube”
Me: Flamingo is Recording to YouTube Too

by Efaz 3 months ago

When he started singing “bring that partner round and round” I spit out my water and it went everyone lol

by oof sound was deleted 2 months ago

"What do you think about character"

Me: a hot babe

Flamingo: WRONG

by mc monkey roblox 4 months ago

“I- No thats not me-“


by rat yes 5 months ago

Jokes on you bully’s Albert can’t get banned he knows the creator!
Bullies: 😮

by Barneylovestheharp 1 year ago

The guy that called flamingo a kid, when he watches this video: chuckles “I’m only 16”

by Ded&Dj 3 months ago

"I'm recording"


by Seraph Angelo Dacumos 5 months ago

SavageNard12: funq
Albert: he wants to get funqy

by Sunflower Queen 2 months ago

"Everyone go away im having a panic attack" I felt that on an intense level.

by Mooncloud liz 3 weeks ago

“Say hello to YouTube”

The most annoying phrase ever.

by Sugaryxsweet 1 year ago

When the guy said “sapo” it meant toad in Spanish Ur welcome

by BACONz and EGGz 5 months ago

Albert reminds me of emperor palpatine when he gave savage nerd a taser “FEEL THE POWER FEEL IT”

by TheGreedyRock 4 months ago

Albert: Hey guys what do I look like to you
Me before I watched Flamingo: A BIG Headed NOOB
Me now: You look like a Hot Babe

by katrina shumack 4 months ago

Them ‘*im recording*’

Me oh he has no idea does he?

by Aesthetic_ Gaming 5 months ago

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