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I took a Roblox VR player's girlfriend away

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Today I play my favorite VR game again, VR world! Watch as I cause mayhem, steal people, play basketball etc!

Flamingo photo 1 I took a Roblox VR... Flamingo photo 2 I took a Roblox VR... Flamingo photo 3 I took a Roblox VR... Flamingo photo 4 I took a Roblox VR...

Flamingo: kills someone’s girlfriend*

The guy: slaps one basket ball away from flamingo:

Flamingo: you actual Moron

by Eroxoa 1 month ago

Flamingo: kills someone’s girlfriend
Someone: takes away his vacuum
Flamingo: “I want to get into a fight with theses VR players in real life >:(“

by gaytoad 3 weeks ago

He dropped his croissant 🥐
“Life is pain.”

by xHappyBlossomx 1 week ago

"How many simps are there for this girl?"

Your work isn’t done. There are millions of simps

by • Just A Weirdo • 3 weeks ago

Flamingo: I’m not gonna hurt her anymore...!
Also him 2 secs later: YEET

by Siimply Smokey 3 weeks ago

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by That Fine Boi 1 month ago

And hopes with the swag and the whole club was looking at her

by bella jafarova 3 days ago

Albert: kill* someones girlfriend

Someone: hey stop milling my girlfriend :(

2nd someone in VR: ummmmmmm are you doing?

by Lester Orina 3 weeks ago

Flamingo has officially become a Titan, and there is no way that he’s going back to human...

by Heybale Studios 2 weeks ago

Admin idea: make a portal that people will walk into which leads them to a copy of the map but change a few parts to red. Make another portal in a different area of the copied map leading you to an even weirder map and repeat the process until the world is completely distorted. Once the player is there, tell them “There is no escape.” And then put them through endless torture.

Like so Albert can see

by Energized Fanta 1 month ago

"Your being a little bit too nice" and thats the issue-Albert 2020

by Spx_cle 3 weeks ago

Why does almost every YouTuber accidentally hit their mic I was watching inquisitormaster and zach hits his mic now Flamingo who’s next!

by ᲦDeñki KåminãriᲦ 2 weeks ago

Flamingo: Imagine the thought of throwing a basketball this hard at someone

Me: You just unlocked a forbiden memory @[email protected]

by Romina Hidalgo 1 week ago

“just imagine sticking your hand in hot oil”


by Shōyō Hinata 3 weeks ago

according to legend, Mr. Big Basket has still not found his French fry

by Team Mystic 1 month ago

me: watches a 22-year-old ruining someone's relationship
me after the video: should I get myself a girlfriend?
my brain: yes

by Nyxty Nyx 2 weeks ago

VR online dater: Undertale
flamingo: ~ignores~


Google: Undertale
Flamingo: plays undertale

by Beengly vlog 1 day ago

albert: dosent matter hwo youre laghfing at
me: what is itas at you epic burn

by Aubrie Tucker 1 day ago

Flamingo: steals girlfriend her boyfrind: GIVE HER BACK

by Maria Sabean 1 week ago

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